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Gert Scholtz
1d ago · 3 min read · ~10 · 8
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Profiles of Inspiration

Profiles of Inspiration

For the first time I scrolled through BeBee short profiles. The description of no more than fifty words right at the top a person's profilepage. Many hooked me immediately and left me withcheerful glow and stronger sense of the person behind the...

Paula Lesina
2d ago · 4 min read · ~10 · 2
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Cómo escribir un post para cautivar a tu audiencia.

Cómo escribir un post para cautivar a tu audiencia.

Sentada frente a la pantalla en blanco,  llegó el momento inevitable. Luego una curva de aprendizaje más o menos turbulenta, tu blog está listo para recibir los primeros contenidos. Es momento de concentrarte en lo importante: escribir el...

Fran 🐝 Brizzolis
1d ago · 4 min read · ~10 · 1
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¿ Y después de "STUXNET" ? ...   El verdadero caos es:  "INDUSTROYER"

¿ Y después de "STUXNET" ? ... El verdadero caos es: "INDUSTROYER"

Después de unos artículos en losque os he hablado de “eso de blockchain”, voy a incidir de nuevo en lo quemuchos dejan pasar de forma inconsciente. Los sistemas informáticos formanparte de nuestro día a día desde hace muchos años, y para...

Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. beBee Brand Ambassador
10/3/2018 · 1 min read · ~10 · 4
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An Unconditional Love Story

An Unconditional Love Story

He saw her and he just knew that he loved her. She felt his love instantly.  They married under the sun and everyone was happy for them. It seemed a perfect love story. Days went by and the story unfolded. Chapter by chapter opened and ended....

Donna Wood
17/3/2017 · 1 min read · ~100 · 5
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beBee: The Possibilities are Endless

beBee: The Possibilities are Endless

I am the product of a generation where Bee Hive had two meanings: The place where bees reside, or a hairstyle Mom once had. Today, it means something entirely different, and I couldn't be more satisfied. I have been on beBee for a mere five days. I...

Debasish Majumder
1d ago · 2 min read · ~10 · 3
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Stephen hawking died on March 14th, 2018, at the age of 76. His sudden demisemade people mourned across the world. People from various walks of life paidhomage to this distinguished physicist. His book, ‘Brief History of Time’ madehim largely...

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