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Joel Anderson
6h ago · 2 min read · ~10 · 2
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The Simple Joy of a Smile (or several):  Part II

The Simple Joy of a Smile (or several): Part II

Another captured moment/series of moments. Just like before this post is a simple reflection of those "snap shots in time highlighting the simple and sometimes small things in life that make one smile.” Over the past week, my wife and I watched...

Paul Walters
2h ago · 4 min read · ~10 · 1
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The Abject Loneliness of Being a Writer.

The Abject Loneliness of Being a Writer.

Its been a few years now since I tired of scribbling copy for products I never believed in, carefully crafting words for a certain target audience convincing them to buy items they didn’t really want and certainly didn’t need. In many ways,...

Javier 🐝 beBee
16/4/2018 · 2 min read · ~10 · 14
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Future of beBee

Future of beBee

As I announced here , beBee is betting on Blockchain Technology to disrupt the professional market.Read more: Launching of ProfedeThese are some new improvements we are planning to do on beBee:1.- Better Integration with LinkedIn, Google and...

Peter Altschuler
2h ago · 2 min read · ~10
Turning Point

Turning Point

America’s problem is not Donald Trump. It’s the people – in Congress and in comments – who support him. For them, Donald Trump is a “See? We’re not so bad” card, but the truth of the matter is, they are. They are bad when they...

Igor RN
2d ago · 1 min read · ~10 · 2
3 planes especiales para disfrutar de Ibiza

3 planes especiales para disfrutar de Ibiza

Ibiza, uno de los destinos turísticos más demandados para disfrutar de las vacaciones, es una isla repleta de contrastes: fiestas eternas que duran toda la noche y lugares ideales para descansar y relajarse, estilismos de punta en blanco a looks...

zurna sohbet
2h ago · 1 min read · ~10
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Zurna.Net Yeni Nesil Sohbet Odaları

Zurna.Net Yeni Nesil Sohbet Odaları

Günümüz teknolojisinde artık çoğu işimizi internet aracılığı ile yapmaktayız. Internet sadece iş gereği kullanılmayıp, çoğu insanın eğlenceli zaman geçirmesine aracı olan bir mecradır. Buna çokça örnek vererek belirtmemiz...

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