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Jim Murray
2h ago · 4 min read · ~10 · 1
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Fartin' Around On Social Media –  Part 1: Facebook

Fartin' Around On Social Media – Part 1: Facebook

This is the first of a 4-part series which outlines my experiences on social media. I have spent the majority of my social media time on Facebook, LinkedIn, BeBee and Twitter, pretty much in that order.So this is a kind of op/ed nod to these four...

Scott Leckie
13m ago · 1 min read · ~10
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Where to Find Alpha? At a Rugby Game?

Where to Find Alpha? At a Rugby Game?

Yesterday I attended my first Wolfpack rugby game at an event organized by an investor relations firm I had one of my portfolio companies engage to help promote the opportunity in that portfolio company to the brokerage community. See my blog Stock...

Ali 🐝 Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee
2h ago · 2 min read · ~10 · 4
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Living the Equation

Living the Equation

Living the equation is the best way to understand. I want to share how I lived an equation and thrived on its experience. I am sure many of you have similar living experiences. The story began two weeks ago on my trip from Amman to Istanbul. The...

Luis Ángel Gil Urbón
13h ago · 1 min read · ~10


He visto en la wikipedia tres fotos de Sharbat Gula, la niña afgana de ojos verdes enviada a un campo de refugiados en Pakistán con tan solo 12 años. Esa que el fotógrafo estadounidense Steve McCurry inmortalizó en http://1.984 al poner su foto...

Cristina Ballester Martínez
43m ago · 1 min read · ~10
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Miedo al miedo

Miedo al miedo

Es curioso como siendo todos humanos, creados del mismo modo, con una herencia genética similar, somos tan terriblemente distintos. Cómo unos conocen cientos de sensaciones que otros ni siquiera imaginan.El miedo es, sin embargo, un sentir...

Hiking Gear Lab
6/6/2018 · 2 min read · ~10
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The right way to select a Best Camping Sleeping Bag.

The right way to select a Best Camping Sleeping Bag.

When you start packing for your camping trip a good sleeping bag can make the whole difference in the world. Your outdoors adventure can turn from an exciting good time into a nightmare for a matter of hours if you don’t know how to choose the...

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