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George Touryliov

Developed by a cybersecurity company that claims to get instant attack telemetry from over eight million sensors deployed worldwide, the map visualizes cyberwar in real-time and organizes attacks by type, origin, and target.

John Vaughan

@USRepRodney I want to see Trump's tax returns and so should you. Please sign the HR 305 discharge petition and cosponsor the bill too!

TO: Rep.Frelinghuysen@opencongress.org

Representative Frelinghuysen,

For the past 40 years, presidential nominees of both major parties have released their tax returns in part to assure the public that, if elected, there will be no conflicts of interest – until now. The American public have a right to know:

* How much, if anything, President Donald Trump has paid in federal income taxes
* Whether he’s making any money in Russia working with Russian oligarchs
* How much Trump and his family would profit from his own tax plan
* What conflicts of interest might exist between Trump’s businesses, U.S. foreign affairs, and the legislation he may sign

I urge you to sign the discharge petition on the Presidential Tax Transparency Act (HR 305) to bring this important bill to a full vote on the House floor. During his campaign, Donald Trump promised transparency. It’s time to hold him and all future candidates to this standard.

Thank you,

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