Bilingual Executive Assistant with more than 20 years of experience at international and domestic companies. Highly committed, oriented to detail and proficiency. Love to learn new things every day to have more tools to sort any obstacle I may encounter. Optimistic and positive thinking.


  • Executive Assistant to the Southern Cone Operations Director

    en TECHINT

    Octubre 2011 - Actualidad

    Buenos Aires C.F.

    Executive Assistant to the Southern Cone Operations Director (Eng. Ricardo Casabene). Bilingual Assistant - Southern Cone Budgeting & Operations Departments (Eng. Casabene, Gonzalez & Gondra) Administrative Assistant - Strategic Planning & Bidding Control Departments (Eng. Cremaschi & Checchi) Administrative Assistant - Contracts Administration (Eng. Gustavo Carbajal) Bilingual Assistant - Planning & Contracts Administration Manager’s Assistant (Eng. Sergio Viana) Assistant to the Managers and work teams. Telephone, meeting arrangements & agenda. Correspondence. Travel arrangements (airline tickets, hotels, land transport). Expense reports, reimbursements. Translation of work documents. Office supplies provision and other administrative arrangements.

  • Bilingual Secretary

    en Techint Argentina (MANPOWER)

    Abril 2010 - Septiembre 2011

    Buenos Aires C.F.

    NO END-DATE ASSIGNMENT: Secretary to the Margarita Project (Eng. Adrián Romagnoli) TEMP ASSIGNMENTS: Secretary to the Commercial Director (Eng. G. Freire & Eng. G. Lynch de la Serna); Secretary to the Budgeting, Programming and Cost Control Director (Eng. H. Amartino): Telephone. Correspondence. Meetings. Catering. Travel arrangements. Plane tickets. Taxis. Purchases.

  • Bilingual Executive Assistant

    en MANPOWER Argentina

    Abril 2007 - Septiembre 2011

    Buenos Aires C.F.

    From APR 2007 to SEP 2011 performed several assignments for different companies through MANPOWER, covering different positions with temporary or open contracts: DEC 2010 / SEP 2011 Techint Argentina (Construction and Engineering company) SEP 2010 Seguros de Depósitos (Insurance company) AUG 2010 Bodega Norton SA (winery) APR 2010 / JUN 2010 Techint Argentina JAN 2010 / FEB 2010 Emerging Markets Communications APR 2009 / DEC 2009 Chevron Business Support Center SA FEB 2009 / MAR 2009 Cargill SACI JAN 2009 / FEB 2009 Chevron Business Support Center SA JUN 2008 / NOV 2008 Estudio Beccar Varela (Law firm) APR 2007 / FEB 2008 BID Argentina (Interamerican Development Bank)

  • Administrative Assistant - Inventory & Exchange and Excise Tax Departments

    en Chevron Business Support Center SA (MANPOWER)

    Enero 2009 - Diciembre 2009

    Buenos Aires C.F.

    Administrative Assistant - Inventory & Exchange and Excise Tax Departments (Mrs. Carrigan & Mr. Glynn). Bilingual assistance to the Inventory & Exchange Accounting & Excise Tax Managers. Coordinated the start-up of said departments within Chevron Shared Services. General assistance to both managers with personal documentation and expat issues (transport, house hunting, moving, security system, cable system, schools, etc). Organised and implemented administrative procedures and security measures. Administrative liaison between the two building the comapany had. Telephone, meeting arrangements, personal and work agendas. General assistance to regular foreign travellers (work agenda, hotel, transport, leisure activities) Handled administrative issues such as supplies, building repairs, hiring of services, and cleaning crew. Expense report transportation, reimbursements, etc). Managed correspondence (in-out mail from-to the USA).

  • Bilingual Assistant - Corporate Department

    en Estudio Beccar Varela (MANPOWER)

    Junio 2008 - Noviembre 2008

    Buenos Aires C.F.

    Bilingual Assistant - Corporate Department (Esq. Alberto Lasheras-Shine & Esq. Ramón Moyano) Executive Assistant to Senior partners of the Law firm. Telephone, meetings, agendas. Entered working hours to be charged to clients -RATE system. Managed correspondence of both departments. Helped with the organisation of several events -cocktail & dinner- at an Annual Congress to be held in Buenos Aires.

  • Bilingual Assistant - Financial Department

    en BID Representación Argentina (MANPOWER)

    Abril 2007 - Febrero 2008

    Buenos Aires C.F.

    Bilingual Assistant - Financial Department (Messrs. Pablo Tabilo, Ignacio Vinocur & Mrs. Mª Elena López) Handled Managers’ working agendas. Meetings & travel arrangements. Prepared Official communication for the Department. Reminder letters to Loan owners. Handled strictly classified information daily.

  • Bilingual Assistant - Planning & Finance Department

    en Pan American Energy LLC

    Marzo 2004 - Febrero 2005

    Buenos Aires C.F.

    TEMP POSITION: Bilingual Assistant - Planning & Finance Department (Eng. Rafael Machin) Handled Manager’s working agenda. Meetings & travel arrangements. Expense reports. Organised quarterly result meetings. PowerPoint presentations.

  • Bilingual Assistant to Vice President of International Sales

    en Cisneros Television Group - Imagen Satelital (Claxson / Turner)

    Diciembre 1998 - Noviembre 2001

    Buenos Aires C.F.

    Bilingual Assistant to Mrs. Elisabet Blanco Organised the VP’s personal and work agendas, arranged all meetings, business and personal trips (plane tickets, hotel reservations, car transportation, meetings abroad, etc.). Prepared reports, letters, memos and all business correspondence to clients. Received and organised all correspondence: internal, local and international. Prepared presentations in different formats (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) in English or Spanish. Coordinated communication and work between all regional offices, prepared reports with the data provided by them to be presented to the COO. Handled strictly classified information daily. From JUN-2000 to OCT-2000 coordinated the normal running of the office during the Maternity Leave of the Vice President. Forwarded all issues that could be managed by the Second in command and followed up. Solved other issues that could not be forwarded and reported them directly to the COO or CEO.


  • Correctora de textos en español

    en Fundación LITTERAE

    2020 - Actualidad (1 año) Buenos Aires C.F.

  • Traductora Pública de inglés

    en Universidad del Museo Social Argentino

    2009 - 2015 (6 años) Buenos Aires C.F.

  • Diploma in Secretarial Administration

    en London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Bureau Red)

    2001 - 2001 (1 año) Buenos Aires C.F.

  • Técnico en Ceremonial y Protocolo

    en CESERT

    1994 - 1997 (2 años) Buenos Aires C.F.

Servicios ofrecidos

  • Bilingual Executive Assistant

    Actualmente, me encuentro en modalidad Stand-by en Techint como Asistente de Dirección de Operaciones Área Sur, debido a la reducción de actividades del área.
    Por este motivo, estoy buscando activamente cambiar de trabajo para poder seguir creciendo profesionalmente.

    I am currently on standby mode at Techint due to a decrease of activity in the Southern Cone Region.
    For this reason, I am actively seeking a new job so I can keep on growing professionally.


  • Español Nativo

  • Inglés Negociación

  • Francés Conversación

  • Portugués Conversación

  • Italiano Elemental