• Assistant Researcher

    at Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration

    August 2016 - at Present


    Our project aims at improving the implementation of Vienna’s Smart City Strategy as an encompassing set of guidelines and a vision including many different actors. To this end, we will assess the relevance of the Smart City concept within public debate and governance. This will be done by analyzing the urban development discourse in Vienna since 2005 and Vienna's public governance arrangement concerning Smart City, with a special focus on selected policy issues. Vienna will be compared to Berlin, a prime competitor of Vienna not least as Smart City, and Barcelona, the “Global Smart City 2015”

  • Program Coordinator/ Social-Cultural Coordinator with gender perspective

    at NGO-"Women Survivors of Gender Violences"

    April 2013 - September 2014


    * Monitoring social-cultural activities connected with the sensitization and visualizing of the problematic of violence against women for different groups (the community, the local government, local society) * Providing and design workshops for the volunteers who work on the NGO to acquire and improve essential knowledge in working with women victims of gender violence * Providing and design workshops and activities for the users of our NGO to strengthen their empowerment and self-esteem so necessary in the process of rebuilding their lives * Expanding the networks with other organizations with similar interests and goals and caring the established ones by organizing common activities * Assuring the needed resources (technical support, human resources and funding) for the proper development of our activities * Accompanying professionals and volunteers in the development of projects to fund our activities in accordance with the methodology of the entity

  • Freelancer transcription and gender technical counselor

    at Missio Aachen

    Juli 2012 - August 2014


    * Transcribing interviews in English as part of the journalist work for the Campaign of Guardian Angel in developing countries such as Philippines, DR Congo, Rwanda, India. * Counseling the reporter teams in regard with the gender problematic arouse by the nature of their projects with the main objective of avoiding the double victimization of women who suffered different kind of abuses and supporting the design of their interventions under a non biased approach or hegemonies, in a plenty consciousness of an orizontal intercultural interchange and understanding.

  • Collaborator as gender and intercultural counselor

    at Bakun Institute

    September 2011 - September 2012


    * Comprehensive presentation of the problematic of immigrant women to the gender technical advisors, employees of the city councils of the localities belonging to Aljarafe Doñana * Sensitization campaigns with the problems of immigrant women to native villagers of Aljarafe Doñana * Active participation in meetings and workshops about women’ leadership and empowerment by the Bakun Institute

  • Administrative Assistant

    at "Coquillages Andalucía"​ S.L.

    Oktober 2008 - Oktober 2010


    *Monitoring and managing the inputs and outputs *Customers and suppliers agenda management (generating new contacts) *Billings and payments *Stocks and traceability *Storehouse functionality *Incidences solving *Staff training and supervising

  • Elementary School Teacher

    at "Sfanta Vineri" School

    September 2000 - September 2008


    * Organizing educational processes * Assuring the permanent communication between school and the families of the students * Developing the connection between school and community * Participating on trainings for teaching staff * Organizing trainings and workshops for teaching staff


  • Gender Technical Counselor

    at International Center

    2015 - at Present (3 years) Sevilla

  • Training in Volunteering for Attending Victims of Gender Violence

    at University of Seville

    2016 - 2016 (1 year) Sevilla

  • Bachelor Degree

    at Pedagogy

    2004 - 2008 (3 years) Prahova

  • Bachelor Degree

    at Economics

    2002 - 2007 (5 years) Prahova

Knowledge and keywords


  • Rumänisch Native

  • Spanisch Native

  • Englisch Negotiation