I'm a business consultant and content creator with a unique skill set. I can explain technology, build websites, fix the generator, and cook. I can sing notes above F.
My husband and I run events from our farm in the country; it's a fun, chaotic, and loving work-in-progress.
And I write. A lot.


  • Founder

    at The Antiques Geek

    January 2015 - at Present

    State of New South Wales

    My newest project is The Antiques Geek, a website and resource for antiquers and small business. We're currently in pre-Alpha, still adding and testing functionality. When finished, I hope it will be a place where people can learn about antiques and also about the new technologies open to small-to-medium businesses that allow them to compete in the market as never before.

  • Marketing Manager and COO

    at Antiques and Vintage Fairs

    April 2014 - at Present

    State of New South Wales

    Plan and promote Antiques Fairs and Events across Australia. Responsible for Administration and Marketing, both traditional and digital.

  • Administrator, Senior Valuer

    at Tallong Auctions

    April 2011 - at Present

    State of New South Wales

    Our solutions are always tailored to individual circumstances; there is no 'one-size-fits-all'. We take the time to understand each individual family situation, then give our all. • Estates bought and sold • Appraisals & Valuations for deceased estates, probate, insurance, family division and donations • Onsite auctions, Online auctions and clearance sales We proudly provide you with superbly written, meticulously researched, professionally presented, added-value Valuation Reports.

  • Owner

    at Aleta's Antiques

    January 2007 - at Present

    State of New South Wales

    Antiques dealers and Appraisers. Specialising in 18th - 20th Century European, Irish, American and Australian Art, Ceramics, Glass and Furniture. Accredited valuers of Fine Art and Antiques.


  • Valuer of Fine Art and Antiques

    at The Auctioneers and Valuers Association of Australia

    2010 - 2010 (1 year) State of New South Wales

  • History, Political Theory, Film Theory

    at Queen's College

    1980 - 1986 (6 years)

Services offered

  • Valuations and Appraisals

    A team with a proven track record of excellence in valuations. We produce superbly written, meticulously researched and professionally presented value-added reports.

    Our specialty is Estates and Probate, but we are also adept at reports for Equitable Distribution, Insurance, Family Dissolution and Business Liquidation.

  • Small Business Consultant

    We are experts in small to medium business strategy and shoestring startups.

  • Antiques and vintage fairs

    We are proud to present a specially-created series of fairs with Australia’s top dealers showcasing the best in antiques, vintage and collectables.

    Our goal is to produce and promote the country's best antiques fairs in a manner that provides a top quality venue for dealers, and engenders public confidence. Our dealers are individually selected and each fair is described in terms of period and themes: fine art, antiques (100+ years old), collectables, modern design (20th Century onwards), retro and vintage.

    There are no reproductions allowed at our top tier antiques fairs, and at the more relaxed collectables fairs where contemporary and reproduction goods are allowed, they must be clearly labelled as such.

    Our fairs have been incredibly well received, and we review our results and feedback with a serious view to continual improvement.

  • Start up business / New business advisor

    I can make a difference in your startup business whatever stage you're in. I have many years' experience in starting on a shoestring; that is, with a tiny budget or seemingly no budget at all.

    If you're just thinking about starting a business, I can help you to clarify your thoughts and take an idea to reality.

    I'm easy to talk to and I love helping others. Give me a shout!

  • Auctions

    We handle Estates and Collections in a friendly, professional and discreet manner.

    Family members and executors can be called upon to make difficult decisions under trying or emotional circumstances, and we can make your job easier by responding quickly and professionally.

    If you have suddenly found yourself responsible for dealing with the house contents of elderly relatives, we're the people to cal; we're.easy to talk to and we get the job done quietly and competently, with professionalism and discretion. Our high rate of customer satisfaction proves it.

    Our specific services include:

    Auctions: online, onsite, in rooms
    Valuations for all purposes, with exemplary Valuation Reports
    AVAA-accredited valuers
    Expert advice
    Excellent Customer Service
    Buying and selling Deceased Estates
    House clearances

    We have low fees with a high clearance rate and provide value-added support for Executors, Solicitors and Estate Planners


  • French Conversation

  • English Native

  • Swahili Elementary

  • Spanish Elementary

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