• Chemical Engineer Internship


    August 2013 - November 2013


    Completed a 4 month internship, specifically in the Monovinyl Chloride II (MVC II) petrochemical processing plant. (Ana Maria Complex). This is a world class complex with several plants which process Natural Gas. It includes the MVC II plant. The raw material of the MVC II plant is ethylene from olefins and chlorine bleach soda, and produces 390 metric tons per day of MVC which is stored in tank T- 831. Direct chlorination is carried out to produce EDC and then passes through a pyrolysis process yielding MVC . My duties included conducting detailed examination and analysis of processes and equipment within the plant to produce flow charts of the chemical processes and associated equipment. I completed the translation and updated the MVC storage unit plant manual from English to Spanish. It contained technical information, description of equipment, operating conditions and parameters, temperature, pressure ranges, essential guidelines and methodology.


  • English Negotiation

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