I am owner and founder of FreedomYoga, teaching Yoga and Yoga as Therapy. Specialising in Back Care, and Stress Release for people with existing and underlying issues. Including MBSR, meditation, yoga nidra and positive habit creation. See my bio in my Buzzes


  • Owner

    at FreedomYoga

    January 2001 - at Present

    State of Victoria


  • Yoga Therapy

    at Yoga Vidya Dham, University of Maharashtra

    2011 - 2011 (1 year) Akola - Mahārāshtra

  • Yoga Teacher Training

    at Ruth White Yoga Centre

    2001 - 2006 (5 years) Surrey

Services offered

  • Private yoga classes

    Bespoke yoga classes, tailored to the individual or a group. Suitable for beginners wanting to start on a good foundation, practicing yogis wanting more individual attention, and people with specific needs.
    Excellent for busy people who find it difficult to get to a regular class.

  • Corporate and private Meditation classes and support group

    Meditation can provide a large number of benefits to the individual and thereby enhance their performance in all areas of their life. By establishing a daily practice of quiet contemplation and stillness, stress responses are reduced and a myriad of intellectual, emotional and physical systems are supported to their optimum.
    Many people who struggle to make time for themselves can be greatly helped by learning different types of meditation, so they can then select a method that works best for them, discover the best times and places for their practice, and can then succesfully launch out on their own whilst gaining support from other meditators in the group.

  • Yoga Therapy

    Yoga is a powerful and useful practice for people with health issues. Yoga therapy encompasses dietary and nutritional considerations; a graded yoga programme designed specifically for the individual and their strengths and weaknesses; relaxation techniques to help calm the mind and the emotions, as well as to lower the stress hormone output; hydrotherapy and naturopathic techniques which can be highly effective in bringing the body back into balance; meditation protocols proven to help with physiological and psychological issues.
    Yoga therapy is useful for back problems, stress, depression, weight problems and eating disorders, as well as helping normalise all types of digestive issues. It also provides an excellent support system for people suffering from organ damage and other serious and chronic health issues.

  • Mindfulness based Stress Relief

    MBSR is a structured course of meditation and awareness training. By noticing how one feels in every present moment, and discovering the power to make small changes in each moment, habits can be changed, motivations can be better understood, and feelings can be accurately guaged. The practice and understanding of Mindfulness can be highly effective in reducing and eliminating stressors, developing peace with oneself and can enhance problem solving, decision making and lifestyle choices.

  • Postural correction

    Poor posture and bad use of the body cause many different types of symptoms and long term health problems. Through the development of Mindfulness and body awareness, the body can be rebalanced so that bones, muscles, fascia and other tissue can gently move back into proper allignment. Yoga postures strengthen the body in a balanced way, allowing deep seated stresses to release and joints to return to optimum movement. Mind and body begin to function together as one allowing the person to be fully present and at ease within himself.
    Good posture and use will also impart a strong sense of well being, confidence and self esteem which may have been lost years ealier, or gradually eroded through the day to day difficulties of modern living.


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