I help women get really clear about...
what they offer
what they want
building confidence to ask for it
choosing their direction
finding their career and life Sweet Spot...
(and yes that does include working with intuition and the angels!)

Services offered

  • Soul Coaching

    I help women in their 30’s and beyond connect with their Soul Self – that part of us that holds the reason we’re here, what we’ve come to do and share and how we wish to serve on Earth. The Soul Self holds your secrets to living a fulfilling, meaningful and joyous life.

    Together we explore what’s hiding inside you, yearning to be released. I ensure you learn to trust your intuition and have the tools, strategies and support to navigate through lack of belief, self doubt and self sabotage that holds you back from your true soul journey.

    I am uniquely qualified for this work because I’ve also been lost in the desert unable to hear and follow my own truth (intuition), unsure of my gifts and path forward and have rebuilt my self worth, self confidence and belief overcoming depression and limitations that stopped me becoming my authentic self.

    I love what I do and I am passionate about helping women find their true calling and their path to truly joyful and fulfilling lives.


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