I offer websites of distinction, quality and visibility to people who are serious about being seen. . Additionally I work with my team to provide digital services, social media advertising, SEO (being seen) qnd Video Promotions. Let's get digital working for you.


  • Microsoft Technology Support

    at Technical Training

    2000 - 2016 (16 years) State of Western Australia

  • ITIL

    at ITIL

    2004 - 2004 (1 year) State of Western Australia

  • TCP/IP

    at IteCH

    1999 - 2000 (1 year) State of Western Australia

  • Bachelor Degree

    at Murdoch University

    1988 - 1991 (3 years) State of Western Australia

Services offered

  • Website Building & Management

    Website development has undergone significant changes over the past 10 years. A website is no longer simply an 'electronic bill-board' or brochure of your business - it should now be an integrated 'Digital Hub' allowing for visitors to fully interact and engage with your business, and present the essential qualities which allow you to stand apart from the mass of other businesses in your field.
    The ongoing management and diligent after-care of your website is what makes the difference. There are a lot of 'web design' shops out there, but not all of them fully understand what they are doing.
    We are a 'new breed' of digital services provider, this is not just hyperbole and commercial speak, we know the digital space and we offer our clients levels of services they find irresistible, because we get you results!

  • Content Production

    Content is the chief piece of the digital puzzle. For many people the demands of producing regular, high quality content forms the basis of their success online - the point is to syndicate your content and ensure that it is targeting the right audiences; Too many people obsess about going 'Viral' when in fact being highly specific and reaching the right people is what they need!

    Content can be made up of multiple media types, and selecting the right ones for your purposes is the entire purpose of our services.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    There is actually a lot of disinformation out there concerning 'SEO' - the industry has changed significantly over the past 3 years, now optimization is all about linking all of your digital presence together and building 'Syndication' not just aiming for keyword rankings. If you are confused about SEO or have been disappointed by some of the less reputable operators, I can provide authentic, practical SEO which does not offer an instant "Miracle", but enables you to steadily improve your digital positioning and gain the benefits of appearing to be exactly relevant to your market :)

  • Cloud Projects

    We have an ongoing relationship with Amazon AWS who are the biggest, best providers of Internet-based resourcing available. If you are interested in benefiting from 21st Century IT and taking your projects into the 'Cloud'-let's talk!

  • Video Promotions

    The days of simply producing any old video promotion are long gone. These days you need to have good quality, well produced video which offers authentic stories, humor, intelligent commentary-and most importantly Relevance for your digital 'Tribe'
    We can provide access to very powerful video production services - hit me up for that.


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