We spend billions on leadership development and culture change. And have achieved record levels of employee disengagement. Ironic, huh? I can help with that.

I share my acclaimed research on engagement & disengagement in my blogs.


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    Dealing with the Disengagement Epidemic ► 86% of employees believe there is a leadership crisis ► 85% of employees are disengaged ► 75% of employees say their boss is the worst part of their job ► 70% of day-to-day activity provides no added value ► 66% of change fails ► 66% of millennials are looking for a new job The Ironic Manager project shares critical insights about how we think about work. About how we can design better organisations for the 21st Century. And how we can close the gap between how we want to work and how we are working. Resulting in better engagement, innovative thinking from multiple sources, and a workforce adding value across the board. No more snake-oil: To avoid short-term, limited thinking, we draw from management thought spanning 2,500 years. Use multiple disciplines, including philosophy, literature, psychology and sociology. Provide some of the deepest and wide-ranging critical thinking in the market.


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