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Services offered

  • Digital Marketing

    You have a very beautiful website design but due to lack of marketing and planning, you are unable to meet your sales expectations.

    At Logicsofts Australia, we have many years of experience in implementing successful digital marketing campaigns and designing websites which leave a powerful impact on the end users who are looking to get associated with your brand either via a business partnership or as a valuable customer.

  • Website Design

    Getting you business through our design concepts is our aim and objective. At the end of the day if a website is not converting clients, it is useless. We build websites to convert. You can always book an appointment and we will come and discuss your vision and project specification.

    980+ Creative Projects complete with perfection

  • E-Commerce Website Design

    Ecommerce is simply selling your products online nationally or internationally depending on your business model.

    You can have a service based ecommerce model where you can sell your service via subscription or packages worldwide or you can have a product based ecommerce model where you sell products locally or nationally.

    There are three major ecommerce platforms which we code and recommend to our clients – WordPress, Magento and Shopify.

    The cost of each ecommerce model depends on the type of business, number of products and payment gateway.

    The good thing is that there are so many options available today that ecommerce website can be build on a reasonable budget.

    Contact us for more details and discuss your project with us. We will give you the right advise going forward.

    Why E-commerce is so hot?
    Digital interactions influenced retail sales to the tune of $4 trillion in 2020.
    60%of the global internet users bought products online in 2017.
    Worldwide B2B e-commerce sales are estimated to reach $2.35 trillion by 2018.
    8 out of 10 customersprefer shopping online when offered free shipping.
    81% shoppersresearch their products online before purchasing.
    Online Retail Sales only are expected to grow over $400 billion in 2018.

    We will design your ecommerce website in your reasonable budget and maintain high quality platform coding. We can also provide data support or API migration if required. Please discuss with us for more information.

  • Bitcoin & Crypto Consultancy

    Bitcoin Consultancy & Training

    As we all know the buzz word of 2017 was Bitcoin, when an investment gives you more than 2000% return it is worth looking at. Jan 2017 Bitcoin was worth $1000 and today it has touched a staggering $20000! Is it a bubble? Is it going to die down? We are not sure.

    All we know that it is the latest technology build around blockchain which is fully secured, privately held and away from the reach of banks. If we look behind and analyse logically, many years ago people used barter system, then they moved to gold where they exchanged gold. Then they introduced paper currency and then plastic currency/cards and now this new currency which is called crypto currency.

  • Website Development Company

    Best Website Development Company

    Not to perplex, website development is different from website designing. Website Designing is to create the web page layouts to integrate the graphic and content components required to construct the structure of the website.

    Unlikely, website development is a process to explain the programming and interaction aspects of the pages required to build-up the back-end of the website.

    While website Designing is to create the web page layouts, website development refers to various tasks associated with hosting of the website for its smooth functioning.

    Web Developers at Logicsofts execute definition and planning which are the initial steps which define the aim of the website and planning for the structure, content, functionality and technical support required.

    Information building comprises content for the organisational structure of the website. Website construction is the last stage in website creation once the earlier phases are concluded.

    This process pertains assembling of all the components to deliver a final look to the website. After attaining the final look, there come tailing, assessment and maintenance. When the website is functioning, it is important to gauge the website defects promptly by tracking the statistics.

    This helps in a quick repair of the glitches for a smooth functioning of the website. Rectifying these flaws on-time makes the website more user-friendly.

    Website Developers at Logicsofts are highly trained professionals who keep a track on the website operations and share various reports with the client. IT engineers at Logicsofts perform real-time maintenance so that website owners can also keep a track on the achievements and understand their buyers’ choices which assist them in making desired changes in the products, services, and promotions.


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