A very good morning to you, below are all my achievements, skills and employment history. I can confidently say that there is no position within a company I cannot do.
Every position that I have gone through, I’ve always excelled, more on the basis of that is just who I am.



    at Toll Global Operations

    September 2018 - March 2019

    State of Western Australia

    • Directly supervised and managed a team of 15 staff members. • Supervised everyday working of department operating process and increased efficiency of workers for various growth oriented program. • Was responsible for equipment tracking of all Toll Global Operations assets on a daily basis. • Analysed all opportunities and recommended ways to improve efficiency as well as reducing costs. • Ensured that maintenance activities were executed in a safe and professional manner. • Oversaw that all freight processes were coordinated and executed in a professional and safe manner. • Consistently exhibited courteous, respectful, non-defensive and appropriate communications and presented information in a concise and understandable format. • Worked cooperatively with others in the accomplishment of joint tasks and common objectives. • Contributed to a positive work environment, fostered collaboration and provided a tangible contribution.


    at Toll Intermodal and Specialised

    October 2015 - September 2018

    State of Western Australia

    • Developed a detailed business analysis, outlining problems, opportunities and solutions for a business. • Documented and communicated both simple and detailed versions of all reports that included workflow charts and diagrams. • Developed hands-on experience in both Visual Basic Code and SQL in order to better data mine information from the company’s system into tables as well as developing faster reacting reporting. • Generated both daily and weekly reports of freight movement, customer charges and company costs. • Recommended controls by identifying problems and writing improved procedures. • Suggested changes to management using analytics to support recommendations as well as actively participating in the implementation of approved changes. • Accurately and correctly created high level budget forecast reports for the company as well as high level customer KPI reports. • Managed to develop a detailed trailer utilization plan and forecast in an effective and timely manner.


    at Toll Intermodal and Specialised

    October 2014 - October 2015

    State of Western Australia

    • Supported senior managers and high-level executives maximize their efficiency by providing them with clerical and administrative support on a daily basis. • Produced and distributed correspondence memos, letters, faxes and forms. • Accurately and correctly prepared regularly scheduled reports. • Monitored and evaluated the efficiency as well as effectiveness of service delivery methods and procedures. • Recommended, within departmental policy, appropriate service and staffing levels. • Planned, directed and conducted team leader training whilst inventing new procedures. • Was responsible for designing and implementing powerful Internet tool as well as new document tracking system. • Ensured department compliance with existing personnel laws and regulations.


    at Toll Intermodal and Specialised

    October 2011 - October 2014

    State of Western Australia

    • Created an inspiring team environment with an open communication culture. • Assisted management with hiring processes and new team member training. • Was responsible for the process creation and management of the administration team of 10 staff members. • Ensured there was consistent administrative recording and monitoring system across the services as well as that all record keeping was accurate and up-to-date. • Managed business improvement whilst documenting processes accordingly. Key Achievements: • Received promotion to senior administrator position. • Successfully reorganized the staffs’ roles, improving efficiency and staff knowledge. • Adequately documented and significantly improved the team’s processes.


    at Toll Intermodal and Specialised

    April 2010 - October 2011

    State of Western Australia

    • Performed data entry of consignments, invoices into the system for billing as well as trading of services. • Ensured all information was accurately and correctly entered, allowing for separation of dangerous goods, to comply with legal regulations. • Verified data by comparing it to source documents. • Performed regular backups to ensure data preservation. Key Achievements: • Significantly improved the manifest and consignment processes by enhancing departure times by 3-4 hours per load. • Accomplished to develop a reconciliation sheet to improve operations, initially in Excel, than further into an Intranet page for Dangerous Goods Tracking. • Was promoted to the administration team leader.


  • SQL Beginner Course online

    at Online

    2015 - 2015 (1 year) State of Western Australia

  • Certificate III in Business

    at LMA

    2013 - 2013 (1 year) State of Western Australia

  • Graduate Cert in year 12

    at Governor Stirling SHS

    2001 - 2006 (5 years) State of Western Australia


  • English Native

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