• Undergraduate Mechanical Engineer (Design) – Vacation Work

    at Australian Davits and Cranes (ADC)

    September 2018 - March 2019

    State of Queensland

    • Assisting with the design and modelling of marine davits and cranes using SolidWorks • Providing technical drawings for 3D design assemblies, subassemblies, and singular parts that require laser cutting externally • Generating exploded drawing views and visual motion simulations of model designs • Generating excel database for design part number system • Liaison and communicating clearly with Australian Davits and Cranes co-workers and clients with regards to design progress and direction • On-site visits to Coomera Riviera Factory to assist in davit related client projects

  • Engineering Internship

    at QUT Motorsport/ATN World Solar Challenge Team

    January 2019 - February 2019

    State of Queensland

    • Assisting with the mechanical and electrical design/ assembly of an electric FSAE race car • Clearly communicating project progress and ideas with co-workers and supervisors on a daily basis • Conducting FEA Simulations using ANSYS to verify structural feasibility of mechanical parts • Effectively engaging in teamwork collaboration to generate new and innovative ideas • Conducting Thermal Transient & Fluent Simulations using ANSYS to investigate heat flow efficiency of electrical components • Managing and analysing large data files using MATLAB

  • Undergraduate Mechanical Engineer (Design & Manufacturing) – WIL Experience

    at QUT Design and Manufacturing Centre (DMC)

    January 2018 - June 2018

    State of Queensland

    • Assisting with the design/modelling of thesis student and faculty projects using SolidWorks • Liaison with clients with initial design concept and design progress/direction • Using project database system on Workflow Max to update and effectively manage project timelines • Providing detailed technical drawings for parts to be cut using water jet cutters, as well as machined using 5-axis CNC mills • Providing financial cost estimations for various project, that include Excel financial spreadsheets estimating project cost of material/external parts as well as cost of manufacture • Attending multiple workplace meetings on a regular weekly basis, presenting insight into project progress and ideas with manager and co-workers



    at QUT

    2015 - 2019 (4 years)


  • English Native