Job description


  • Entry level
  • No Education
  • Salary A$400.00 - A$650.00 gross per month
  • Croydon


Back end developer, Java, Java8, Developer, Technical Lead, Agile, Test Driven Development, Camunda, JEE, JMS, JPA, TDD, Junit, Mockito, Wiremock, JEE Standards, CDI, JPA, JMS, JSON-P, GitHub, Gerrit, API, RAML, Swagger, APIGee, Angular, React, Azure, AWS, Redhat, Linuz, Public Sector, SC Clearance, Government, Security Clearance, Security Cleared]

Agile Back End Development

Our client are recruiting for two positions:

- Java Developer
- Technical Lead (Java)

Back-end development team for our clients Programme in accordance with Agile methodology. Develop Java8 code across multiple micro-services to deliver functionality to support the client. Developers must write quality; clean code using Test Driven Development to produce software and manage its deployment with support of DevOps all the way to Production.

Backend developers are required to develop functional back-end micro-services using our clients specific framework & CQRS pattern using tools like Camunda to describe business-processes & integrate with individual micro-services to provide work-management solutions Backend Developers use technologies such as Java8,JEE,JMS&JPA to help build micro-services & take them to live.

Key Skills / Experience

- You must be able to demonstrate your ability to deliver quality code at a consistently high rate of velocity to meet demanding delivery timescales
- Familiar with clean code, TDD, unit testing (Junit), Mocking strategies (Mockito, Wiremock)
- JEE standards (CDI, JPA, JMS, JSON-P) to write Java web applications
- Provide evidence of writing and debugging complex code using Java8 (Lambdas, streams, collections, map/reduce programming, functional interfaces)
- Designing systems that use Domain Driven Design (DDD), CQRS pattern and Event Sourcing to model complex business domains
- Source control systems such as GitHub and Gerrit. Deep understanding of, git, branching, merging and rebasing for feature development.
- Collaboration with Quality Assurance, Devops and other disciplines involved in high quality software development and systems.
- Experience using API first development to deliver features including tools such as RAML, Swagger, APIGee and Single Page Applications frameworks such as Angular or React
- Development practices in building micro-services on cloud platforms such as Azure or AWS.
- Explain how you have previously addressed poor performance when supplying development resources working within multi-discipline teams.
- Previous experience you have of working closely with operations on Redhat Linux systems to diagnose issues arising in Production systems
- Experience of working with multi-vendor teams on a complex programme of work.
- Experience you have had using the Digital by Default standard.

  • git
  • java
  • software