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Multi-Intensive Center Director
At STRIVE Prep, we are learning to change the world.

We were founded in 2006 with the belief that every child deserves a high-quality education right where they live. STRIVE Prep currently serves 3,800 scholars across the Denver Metro Area in Southwest, Northwest, and Far Northeast communities. We are currently seeking special education leaders to join our team starting in July 2020!

Our schools serve children in Grades K-12

Elementary School : Grades K-5
Middle School : Grades 6-8
High School : Grades 9-12

Below is a breakdown of the spectrum of services from the most restrictive environment setting to the least restrictive environment as well as their campus locations.

Multi-Intensive Severe Center Program - Kepner campus
Multi-Intensive Center Program - Ruby Hill, Federal, SMART, RISE, & Montbello campuses
Mild/Moderate Setting - all campuses

Objective : STRIVE Prep Multi-Intensive (MI) Directors will create exceptional outcomes and opportunities for students by providing high-quality, rigorous and engaging instruction in academics and life skills.


At STRIVE Prep, you will be joining a network of educators dedicated to our core values of Achievement, Justice, and Perseverance. We are a culture of "all means all" when it comes to the success of our students, we work to intentionally disrupt systems of inequity and oppression, and we never give up.
Core Beliefs - Achievement

- Commitment 1: I commit to celebrating academic and personal success for all.
- Commitment 2: I commit to holding myself and others accountable to high expectations.
- Commitment 3: I commit to bringing passion and joy to my work. Core Beliefs - Justice

- Commitment 1: I commit to intentionally disrupt inequity, bias, and systems of oppression.
- Commitment 2: I commit to creating an environment of safe body, mind, and heart.
- Commitment 3: I commit to building a community where each person can bring their full, authentic self. Core Beliefs - Perseverance

- Commitment 1: I commit to the belief that we grow and get smarter through effort and by making mistakes.
- Commitment 2: I commit to showing up Con Ganas, where we never give up even when the work is hard.
- Commitment 3: I commit to showing up with integrity and doing the right thing even when the road is tough. You’ll gain access to:

- A robust, year-long professional development program.
- A competitive compensation package with annual performance-based raises.
- A work culture defined by positivity, warmth, and joy.
- Leadership that supports you, values you and holds you accountable.
- A paid sabbatical after every 5th year of continuous employment with STRIVE Prep
- Colorado’s PERA retirement program, including a 401k contribution option.
- 100% employer-paid monthly medical premiums for employee-only enrollments.
- Paid FMLA
- Approximately three weeks of summer vacation, approximately four weeks of school holidays and vacations, and eight days of paid time off annually. We'd be excited to hear from you if:

- You have a Colorado Teaching License with a Special Education endorsement or are interested in obtaining one as a condition of employment.
- You have a strong record of results in any context.
- You are passionate about disrupting systems of inequity and oppression.
- You never give up even when the work is hard and love being apart of a collaborative team.
- You have some experience working with children, working within a classroom or youth development setting.
- You value feedback and have the ability to implement it quickly.
- You are self-reflective and willing to lean into the uncomfortable.
- You have a deep-seated belief that ALL children are capable of reaching the highest bars we set for them. For a full explanation of any certification requirements, please see the CDE website.

As an additional requirement, all teachers at STRIVE Prep must be fully qualifiedto provide English Language Acquisition (ELA) services through one of the following means: the DPS ELA Training Program, advanced coursework, or a Colorado endorsement. Teachers who are not ELA qualified at the time of hire will be required to complete the DPS ELA training program during their first two years of employment at STRIVE Prep.


- Provides instruction and services for students who frequently present with multiple disabilities. Curriculum emphasis isin the domain areas of basic skills and concepts (including functional academics), recreation and leisure, community, vocational and skill development. Motor, communication and social skills are infused throughout all areas.
- Managing and leading a team of paraprofessionals in providing one-on-one instructional and behavioral support to center students, including teaching social and adaptive skills, providing small group or one-on-one academic instruction, and pushing-in and supporting students in a general education setting, as needed.
- Work closely with district support staff and managing DPS transportation services.
- Collaborate with school leadership, teachers, paraprofessionals, and the special education team to ensure that instruction is always meeting the needs of all learners, including supporting student inclusion in general education classrooms and supporting the team in tracking students on their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals on a daily basis.
- Collect and use data to track student growth, and create or modify student IEPs.
- Provide fair, accurate, and constructive feedback to students on their progress.
- Build relationships with students and families through consistent partnership and communication.
- Work in collaboration with para-educators to support students in daily living activities including feeding, toileting, communication, movement, etc.
- Collaborate with multiple staffing team members to ensure all services are being provided to each student. Culture :

- Refer to students using first-person language (i.e. “Josue is a student with autism” not “Josue is an autistic student).
- Actively listen to all directions given in the classroom and be ready to repeat these instructions to students multiple times, if necessary.
- Attend students’ lunchtime when possible in order to build relationships outside of the learning environment.
- Provide supervision of students during both lunch and recess activities.
- Communicate regularly and often with families to both solicit their input and share student social and academic progress. Development :

- Attend and participate in weekly staff and grade level meetings.
- Participate in regular instructional coaching meetings and content-based department meetings.
- Participate in STRIVE Prep’s Summer Training Institute as well as professional development throughout the school year. Requirements:

- Bachelor of Arts or Sciences degree
- Two years of teaching experience, preferably in an urban setting
- Achieve Qualified Teacher status within six weeks of starting through one of the following channels outlined by the Colorado Department of Education:Read more about the available pathways to becoming a Qualified.A valid Colorado Teacher License with Special Education endorsement ORTransfer a Special Education license from another state OREnroll in an alternativeprogram toobtain a Special Education license. DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION

STRIVE Prep works to make a college-prep education for all students in our community the norm rather than the exception. We are committed to building and sustaining a diverse team by maintaining hiring and recruiting processes that are free from bias and seek to provide each candidate with a unique and equitable opportunity for employment. STRIVE Prep is an equal opportunity employer and actively encourages applications from people of all backgrounds.

Our culture of inclusion is rooted in the belief that when we create the conditions that align…

- Your unique gifts
- Your purpose/desire for impact
- The organization’s needs ...then you will have the opportunity every day to leverage your individual and collective team strengths to ensure our students areLearning to Change the World. We create these conditions with intentional, strengths-based coaching through an equity and inclusion lens, and a culture that leverages the rich diversity of our team to inform the work and achieve breakthrough results for our students.

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