Disruption is my appetizer: I specialize in Health Care Insurance Solutions, Military Intelligence, All Things Russia, Sales & Harley Davidson.

Я говорю по-русски: Если вам нужны любые отчеты, переводы, исследования или опросы - B KOHTAKT MHE


  • SVP Patient Integration

    at MEDx Ehealth

    June 2016 - at Present

    Provincie Limburg

    MEDx E-Health is a personal medical Patient Records portal that provides document portability, provider network access, easy electronic payment channels and medical Second Opinion / Referral protocols across the countries of Africa. Directed to emergent markets and the specific needs of a growing mobile population. Integrate and build revenue opportunities in the arenas of Medical Tourism, Ex-Pat Health Care, Elective Cosmetic Surgeries and Emergency Travel Care across the African Continental Market Region. Implementation of Prescription and Pharma supply lines and market coordination to bring cost benefits and medication access.. Integral Team Member in securing initial investment and opening new countries for MEDx E-Health Platforms. https://medx.care/en/

  • Security, Translation, Military Intelligence

    at Independent Consultant

    March 2015 - at Present

    Mykolayivs’ka Oblast’

    Intelligence Briefing, Translation and Information Analysis of forward reporting and open source information sources. Force protection of facilities and principal clients. Risk mitigation for operations, logistics and communications.

  • Content Contributer / Writer

    at Storia.me

    March 2014 - at Present


    Early Platform adopter and Beta Tester for function and content flow. Creating an online social media portal for Russia around the hubs of Language, Dating/Marriage, Places, People, Travel, History, Poetry, Art, Music, News and of course Food! I believe a serious discussion of world events only comes from understanding, and informed communication. SeeBorisGo is on mission to improve global relations, even if only one person at a time. https://storia.me/profile/@SeeBorisGo

  • Claims Examiner / Patient Advocate

    at Independent Medical Consultant

    February 1993 - March 2016


    I am an independent consultant for health care and insurance payer relations. I specialize in high dollar claims audit (50K+) for fraud, waste, and utilization issues within policy analysis for the parties of hospitals, insurance companies, self insured companies, veteran care management and patient collections. I drive through bureaucracy to ensure proper payment, enrollment, and inspection of benefits - working towards educating key stake holders to the current PPACA (ObamaCare) Legislation. I specialize in creating solutions where roadblocks appear - helping patients to direct pay options, travel medical solutions, discount pharmacy options, and policy education. Employed & Deployed as for enrollment / claims / audit / sales / fraud inspection specialist. Previously licensed Agent, Broker, and Navigator for Individual Life, Health, Property, Casualty Policies and Small Business Group Health Plans.

  • Motorcycle Sales

    at Harley Davidson

    June 2003 - March 2015


    8 Years Experience: 1450+ bikes sold, 5.2 Million in NET Revenue Stream * Destination Harley Davidson 2003-2007 * Legend Harley Davidson 2007-2009 * Maxx-RPM Wholesale Motorsports 2009-2010 * Barnett Harley Davidson 2013-2014 * Exchange New Car Sales 2014-2015

  • Intelligence Analyst

    at US Military

    February 1986 - September 2005


    Experienced RUSSIAN Intelligence Analyst: I have a service history of translation, interrogation, tactical briefing, and investigation of Russian/CIS/FSU/Soviet sources and assets. I have additional operational experience at briefing senior military leaders on current world events, theater specific threats, and indications / warnings for contingency operations. I have served as chief intelligence Analyst for Orion Maritime Surveillance (P-3/E), Naval Aerial Ordinance (A-6) and Army Intelligence Security Forces. USNR IS2: NEC 3924; Operational Intelligence - Mission Planning USMC PLDC I/II Platoon Leadership Development Course WANG MOS 96B / 97E Russian Intelligence Specialist / HUMINT Russian Language Specialist : capable of conversation, interview, debriefing, interrogation and news source translation. Able to read, write, speak and translate to 2/2/2+ via DLPT IV


  • MPA

    at Health Care Administration

    2009 - 2011 (2 years) Washington

  • Russian International Strategic Studies

    at University of Washington

    1988 - 1991 (3 years)

Services offered

  • Content Writing / Blogger

    Built upon a lifetime of poetry creation, a career in formal Military Report writing, Insurance Marketing, and Social Media Content: I specialize in creating fun blogs at the cross road intersections of humor, fact, fiction, trivia and culture. Although my focus is currently on Russia, I have also written on exploits in Korea; and my career in the military.
    Creative Writing Project - Kyrzbekistan

  • Independent Consultant

    #Insurance #Healthcare #MilitaryIntelligence #Sales #HarleyDavidson

    What I Do: I help individuals, client corporations, military units and NGO's navigate difficult and dangerous situations to a successful set of solutions.

    How I Do It: With deep experience in Military Intelligence and Insurance Risk Mitigation, I help bring clarity to situations that are at a status quo. By leveraging proven decision processes and contingency planning - I help move the mission forward. For insurance issues - I work around, over and through bureaucracy that stands in the way of care and compensation. For Military Planning & Policy Advisory - I help negotiate between key players, across languages, across cultures and past stagnant stalemates with real time intelligence assessments and historical precedence reviews.

    Why it Matters: Often times the solution to issues - is not that you are not trying - it is that you do not properly know the procedures and policies that are stacked against you. I help to remove those road blocks.

  • Health Care Analysis

    Deep experience in policy analysis, collections, patient advocacy and fraud investigations. Able to negotiate across platforms to come to successful payment for key stake holders in commercial insurance, Medicare, Veteran Care and Dental lines.


  • Russian Negotiation

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