I am a self taught digital marketer, prolific copywriter and marketing consultant.

I am an independent influencer on LinkedIn, I've helped dozens of companies with their blogs and am increasingly hired as a marketing strategy consultants for companies, startups, SMEs and SMBs.

Services offered

  • Freelance Content Marketer

    Copywriting, Content Strategy, social media, blogging, etc...

  • Blog Articles

    I write articles for startups, tech companies, IoT, apps, futurist topics, tech news articles, etc...

  • Marketing Strategy Consultant

    I help Startups, SMEs, SMBs with their content strategy, inbound lead generation, social media, Email marketing and customer engagement strategies.

  • Personal Branding LinkedIn

    I ghostwrite articles for c-level executives in the tech industry especially and of entrepreneurs on LinkedIn to boost views, leads, thought leadership and personal branding.

  • Social Media

    I manage Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook profiles to help boost branding, thought leadership. I specialize in thought leadership curation.


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