Beekeeper Broad-minded combining strategic vision, Diplomacy, Cosmopolitan background, Analytical interests in other cultures, Superior interpersonal skills, Capable of resolving multiple and complex issues and Motivating staff to peak performance, in a multilingual environment.


  • Brand Ambassador

    at beBee.Inc

    March 2017 - at Present


    Social Media is not the enemy, but can be one of the greatest tools to People, advancing themselves personally and professionally. beBee engages all users by Affinity Networking, in realizing that their branding / social media usage should be the story they want to share about themselves for the world to see. That lasting impact, beyond all existing virtual walls, enlights our own relevant and singular commintments to make us more approachable to others.

  • Independent Management Consultant

    at LBC Inc.

    September 2011 - at Present


    Shaped to advise through interaction at all levels to feed a permanent willingness to promote and share new knowledge, skills and attitudes, while respecting the integrity and responsibilities of all stakeholders, with discipline, development of coaching and mentoring skills, business re-engineering, technology implementation, strategy development and operational improvement services.

  • Corporate Finance Consultant

    at LBC IBC

    September 2013 - December 2016


    Analyse and realign Corporate Strategies to increase and involve investment companies into a collaborative set of actions to uplift leadership positions, under low carbon approaches.

  • CEO

    at Duke Entreprises

    December 2004 - July 2011

    Provincia de Panamá

    Responsible for planning strategic business objectives and also implementing systems and processes to monitor and report on performance across all the business sectors, as a closed-loop elemental recycling system based on waste conversion into renewable energies,as a tireless developer, adviser and facilitator, oriented Emerging countries and Small Island Developing States.

  • Independent Management Consultant

    at LBC Inc

    June 2000 - December 2004


    Dedicated advisory full-services corporate finance and industrial real estate development to perform in the business life-cycle assessment, vertical and transverse. Provided organizational change management,technological implementation, strategy development, operational improvement services and corporate banking with proprietary corporate relationships, oriented european midsized industrial enterprises.

  • Vice-president Investment & Business Development

    at Alinter

    March 1998 - June 2001


    Intermediation business - with a core business in M&A, Private Wealth Management, Investment management on commodities market and assisting in IPO qualification operations. Management upward and sideways (Geneva, London, Paris, Lagos, Singapore and New York).

Services offered

  • Corporate Finance Consultant

    Analyze and realign Corporate Strategies to increase and involve companies into a collaborative set of actions to uplift leadership positions, under low carbon approaches.


  • Spanish Negotiation

  • French Native

  • English Negotiation

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