I deal in the astounding possibilities that arise when we learn to use our own thinking equipment.

As a Wellbeing Philosopher my meaning comes from Writing the Best Possible World into Being.

In 2019, I am creating a movie to demonstrate HOW we create a life-centric world.

Be Well!


  • Wellbeing Philosopher

    at Insights Occur

    January 2019 - at Present


    ~ Writing the Best Possible World into Being ~ I deal in the astounding possibilities that arise when we learn to use our own thinking equipment. My First Task? Create a movie to move the conversation on RACE from dividing us, to uniting us. The movie answers the question: "So, beyond dividing us - what can skin color MEAN or DO or TEACH us that UNITES us? Because it DOES. Physiologically, skin color simply indicates the optimal LATITUDES of our terrain. As long as the Earth and Sun stay related at this distance, HUMANS will remain born with a wide range of skin tones. Let's LEARN how to deal with it. VISIT my WEBSITE for contact details: www.InsightsOccur.com

  • Author, Second: A Tale of Grief and Puppy Love

    at Insights Occur

    February 2015 - at Present


    Summary of my memoir "Second": I went from a fatally ill 13-year old canine best friend to an ADHD puppy in one week. Even though they were physically almost identical, I found my second puppy bafflingly unique. This is my story of all the joy, friendship, heartache, grief, hope, and love I experienced due to sharing my life with my canine companions. http://www.insightsoccur.com/ebooks/second We all love our dogs. They bring us unconditional joy. Except when the unimaginable happens and their life comes to an end.I went from the heights of happiness to the bottomless pit of grief and how I climbed back up to see that canine love is an eternal source of giggles and glee and wagging tails.

  • Director of Wellness Research & Co-Founder

    at Out-Thinking Parkinson's

    January 2016 - March 2017


    Researching, Testing, and Implementing Quality of Life Interventions for People with Parkinson's Disease. Establishing principals of wellness that translate for everyone.


  • BA in Philosophy

    at Carnegie Mellon University

    1986 - 1991 (5 years) Pennsylvania

  • Certificat de Langue Française

    at L'Institut Catholique de Paris

    1989 - 1990 (1 year) Île-de-France

Services offered

  • Wellbeing Mentoring

    Offering wellbeing mentoring sessions based on the principals of getting the basics right. Visit my website for detailed up-to-date information


  • Soulpreneur Strategist

    My job is to mentor others by listening astutely, asking relevant questions, and offering supportive suggestions that help people make their own decisions and live by their own truth.

    I have taken risks and followed my own heart, intuition, and wisdom and it has brought me to a place where I can share my support with others. I look forward to starting a truly beneficial relationship with you where we strategize and build a project plan to take you to the next frontier of your professional or business horizon.


    The work we do together will be as unique as you and what you offer the world. My tendency toward practical philosophy, my caring and energizing communication style, my pragmatic approach to using technology as a tool, and my social media conversation-marketing niche will all combine to help you move forward in shining your light in a way that captures the attention of your ideal customers. I consult globally using cutting edge communications technology, and bringing the power of new frontiers into your business is what I excel at delivering.

    The key distinction between me and choosing to work with an expert in the niche of your problem is that word – partnership. I want to build long term-relationships with visionaries creating a business that heals. Be someone you can turn to again and again, through all stages of your work. If you know exactly what you need then chose someone who does that. But if your biggest need is a board of directors level adviser, who can also make things happen, then let's converse and dream and scheme and achieve. The single thing most small business owners crave is someone to share their trials, tribulations, successes, and most importantly questions and tasks with.

    I will invest my heart and soul in your work. And from this investment, it will be easy for me to figure out any specifics that are needed to make things happen.

    If I told you I'd do a specific thing, that would be all you could expect. But I deal in astounding possibilities, the occasional risk of being stalled, the soul investment to muddle through, and the energy of being able to use these small failures to make a revolution occur as the partnership slides into gear.

    Let's work together to ensure your ongoing success.

    I would be honored to support you in your journey. You can book an appointment here: http://www.insightsoccur.com/schedule/


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