Jerry Fletcher, CEO of Z-axis Marketing, Inc. is an expert at Trust-based business development for consultants He speaks on Consultant Marketing internationally. Jerry enjoys movies from indies to blockbusters, reads mysteries for pleasure and is exploring music from symphonies to blues.


  • CEO

    at Z-axis Marketing, Inc.

    September 1990 - at Present


    Consulting Experience (29 years) Marketing Experience (59 Years Jerry made his mark birthing new companies in garages, counseling the mighty in their board-rooms, and working with companies of all sizes in conference rooms and kitchens across the USA. He has raised over $500,000 in private funding for a start up (Digimarc) in just 17 days, increased Q1 sales of a consulting firm by over $1.2 Million with a single suggestion, doubled sales in a world class agency in a scant nine months and crafted unique Trust-based brands for 237 consultants at last count. His knowledge of contact management , referral based marketing and the complexities of internet marketing blended with years as the CEO of an ad agency and PR firm plus experience as the COO of a world-class Direct Marketing firm make him one of a very few experts in both on and off-line marketing. His consultant marketing advice grows the trust to build businesses, careers and lives of joy ... on and off-line


  • B.S. in Advertising Design

    at University of Cincinnati

    1960 - 1965 (5 years) Oregon

Services offered

  • Strategic Brand Marketing Consulting

    Trust-based Marketing -- Portland across the Americas anywhere English is spoken

    We strategize and implement Trust-based marketing for:
    Consultants & Professionals
    Small to Medium Businesses
    New product promotion

    Our Passion is building strategies and tactics that work for the "Little Guys," solopreneurs, partnerships, ensembles and small businesses with up to 100 employees.

    Are you afraid you can’t afford the marketing you need for your business or professional practice? Want to take your business up a notch.? Are you uncomfortable selling your own products or services?

    There are practical ways to combine traditional and internet marketing to put the power of Trust to work for you. Linked properly they are unstoppable

    Do you have a new product, new service or a business startup?

    You need to know if there is a market, how big it is and what people are willing to pay and if they will buy more than once. You can’t go where the money is if you don’t know. And you sure can’t get funded. We stopped counting successful introductions at 207!

    Do you want to integrate on and off-line marketing and automate it all as much as possible?

    Now you can. The number of applications now available at reduced cost make it possible to develop a system that allows you to build coordinated marketing campaigns on and off line that a solopreneur or small business can operate without having to hire staff, spend big bucks or use precious time to assure results.

    Are you a "little guy" operating on a tight budget without a lot of time to put into your marketing effort?

    We understand. I work with solopreneurs to small businesses so I know, first hand the constraints you work with both in learning about the technologies that can help you and implementing them in a timely way. Look into the three levels of service we offer:

    Consulting to help you sort it all out and build a strategy that works. (I help with implementation.)

    Coaching in the key areas of building a referral based business. (You implement based on proven methods)

    "Automagic" Marketing which puts all the technology to work for you. (I can implement for you.)

    Jerry founded Z-axis in 1990 when he left his position as CEO of a successful Portland, Oregon business-to- business advertising agency. Z-axis serves as the holding company for all of Jerry's businesses.

    The Z-axis name sums up his observations about winners. It comes from a youth misspent in pool halls and reading science fiction to learn how to see all the angles as well as a lot of years as a corporate marketing hand. Some businesses just seem to be effortlessly successful while others always have something come out of the blue that bites them in the butt. The difference is on the z-axis. Every business is evaluated in terms of time (the x-axis) and money (the y-axis). But the reason they succeed or fail is Trust (the z-axis).


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