• Chief Innovator

    at Bullet Proof Consulting

    January 2017 - at Present


    Brand Engineering for Future Focussed Businesses. Advisor and mentor to leaders of small and medium-sized companies. Focussed on helping them survive and thrive in the next decade and make MORE than they ever dreamed possible. Two key elements: Change your thinking for the better. Business IS Personal. Every successful company is prepared for the future when they know how to properly make love to their customers, have wickedly simple processes in place and are fine upstanding citizens in their community. People first, profits second. Want to be in the know? Advisor, mentor, advisor, and published author.

  • Chief Cheerleader

    at Bullet Proof Your Business Now

    June 2009 - at Present


    I help frustrated executives, leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners make more profit dollars than they ever dreamed possible! Creator of the Bullet Proof System. 2Ps+P3. Designed for those who want to be Bigger, Better, Stronger, Smarter. Those who succeed do so because they understand the game of business is nothing more than a series of systems. Because they know that their mindset is 85% of the battle. And because they have a secret trusted ally in their back pocket. Call me and find out how to be part of the winner's circle.

  • General & Operational Management

    at Medium to International Companies

    January 1989 - January 2009


    Twenty years in leadership in national, multi and international companies. Bought 60, sold 10, changed culture in 5, and saved 20 companies. Always found profits, made presidents and owners millionaires. Led teams of up to 300 across up to 4 continents. Solved the operational problems no one else could; exceeded the performance benchmarks all aspired to, Inspired teams to new heights. Grounded in common sense.



    at University of Waterloo

    1985 - at Present (35 years)

  • Distinguished Toastmaster

    at Mississauga

    2009 - 2013 (4 years) Ontario

  • Executive Marketing

    at Cranfield University

    1990 - 1990 (1 year)

Services offered

  • Advising & Empowering

    Help in solving the tough profit problems, the ones that NEVER go away, the ones that keep you up at night and the ones you never seem to know who to call for.

  • Consulting for Growth, Profits, and Performance

    Start up to Scale up. Size Up & Sell
    Strengthen, Solidify, Generate & Outperform

  • Keynotes & Workshop

    Get MORE done faster and effectively
    Empower yourself and your teams
    Expand and embrace your capacity to change


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