I am the Founder and Executive Director of Be More Able, a consulting practice that spans 40 years helping professionals isolate personal issues that are blocking or sabotaging sales and profitability in any business.

I am also a published author and International Speaker.

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  • Consulting & Speaking

    I am an Author, Consultant, and International Speaker.

    When I’m not writing or speaking, my main activity is consulting businesses.

    My company offers consulting services; however, I’m a very different kind of consultant than you will run across. I was educated and trained back in the early 70’s in a proprietary testing system that accurately pinpoints where you and your business are doing well and where you are faltering. And although I’m not one for marketing or corporate jargon, with the test that I use I can tell you where your “pain points” are in less than ten minutes.

    What I Do That Virtually No One Else Does:

    If you go to a doctor or dentist, they take an x-ray. Your optometrist an eye-exam. Your car dealership? A diagnostic test. An athlete with an injury? You get the idea.

    Well, what about you? You work. Okay. But I’m talking about you the person. I understand you have a hat or position. CEO, VP of Sales, Manager, etc. Those are hats. I’m talking about you. You have a temper? You argue with your spouse? You unhappy with your finances? You get critical of others?

    And how about your marriage or relationship? Virtually every CEO, President, Executive, Sales Exec I have tested had some situation in their marriage or relationship that was impacting their job, career, or business. Almost one for one. Most initially in denial. The test I use will clearly point out whether there is trouble on the home front and to what degree and how it’s affecting you and your business.

    Let’s be honest. If you took a full body x-ray, you’d get a full-body picture of what was working just fine and what was not, in your body. And a good x-ray will not only show areas that are doing great and areas where there is trouble, but which ones are urgent.


    I can, within the first ten minutes of reviewing your answers, tell you with near perfect accuracy what is going on with you personally and how it’s impacting your job or business. I can tell you exactly where you are losing production, sales, and income.

    I know. You probably have taken similar tests and profiles in your life. You took them for college. You took them for self-improvement or self-awareness. Some, you might have taken online just for fun.

    But any test is only as valuable as it can reveal both your actual strong points and weak points in life. For real. Not some psycho-babble about you being a “Type A” personality or you’re a “Wolf” type personality or some disconnected mumbo-jumbo. No, more like when you get an x-ray done at the dentist per my example above. Or you go to the doctor and get a chest x-ray, and the x-ray shows you something that is, in fact, a non-optimum condition in your body. There’s no “Type A” tumor.

    It is a tumor, or it isn’t.

    I’ve been doing these tests for people from all walks of life for over 40 years. I’ve consulted well over 25,000 individuals and their test results. CEO’s. COO’s. Executive VP’s. Salesmen. Secretaries.


    And any situation you have will affect your sales, income, and growth.

    Talk to anyone who’s going through a divorce and tell me this does not affect their performance. Tell me if you’ve worked with or for someone who has a temper or “always has to be right,” and that this does not affect you, let alone the esprit de corps of the office or business.

    But just like the doctor telling the patient that the x-ray indicated a cancerous lump, each and every person usually wants to talk about this problem area and get some resolution.

    This is where I come in.

    How is this test done?

    I send you this test by email. You fill it out, and you send it back to me. Simple.

    My staff grades the test, and we let you know when your results are back. I then contact you to set up a consultation over the phone.

    What’s the Cost?

    There is no-charge for the consultation. That's right. No-charge.

    What’s the Catch?

    I’m supposed to say there is no catch here, right?

    The catch is this: You won’t necessarily like what your answers reveal. Ninety-eight percent of the people who do this test and get their evaluation agree it is spot on. But the percentage of people who take action to do something about their condition falls off the cliff drastically.

    Why is this?


    People are afraid of change. They are afraid of confronting their own individual weak spots. They know they have them. But doing something about it is another whole gig. Same thing with when you get your chest x-ray. You didn’t like the news. How long before you do something?

    Your test results will be like the oil light on the dashboard of your car. When it goes off, it just tells you that you need to check how low and handle. You continue to drive because it’s not like your car will explode. You go to work the next day, and it goes on again. Yeah. Each time you put it off, that needle moves closer to ruining your engine.

    Your test will show exactly where the oil light has gone off several miles back.

    And you know it. That’s the crazy part. You know it.

    The question is when are you going to pull over and handle it?

    Once we are done with the no-charge consultation, I go over what I suggest in terms of my consulting or speaking services. If we’re a fit, great. If not, you’ll leave with a much better understanding of your situation and how better to deal with it rather than let your engine burn up.


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