American copywriter, animal lover, sci-fi geek, and marker. If you need help with any of the following, please message me to say "hi."

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Personal Branding
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Services offered

  • Ghostwriting | Executive Branding

    Your Ideas. Written Better.

    Get help building a reputation that will advance your career.

    Building your personal brand with professionally ghostwritten articles, op eds, and papers can lead to new career or business opportunities. As your wordsmith, I extensively research your chosen topic and tailor each piece to your target audience. Several rounds of editing ensure your exacting standards are met.

    Words are powerful things. Use them to your advantage.

  • Marketing Consultant

    Professional marketing consulting at a price you can afford. No big agency contracts or fees, just an honest assessment of where you stand today and what changes can make the biggest impact on your sales pipeline.

    Ask anything you like. Learn about:

    -Ways to improve your social media for marketing
    -How to drive more traffic to your website
    -SEO best practices
    -How to use content marketing to connect with your best customers
    -And more.

    Pay by the hour and get exactly the help you need, when you need it.

  • Writer | Copywriter | Content Marketer

    Words are powerful things. Words build relationships and destroy reputations. Words enlighten and confound. Words stoke emotion and trigger memories. Words can be used to either persuade or dissuade.

    Words are your connection to the audience that matters to you. Use them wisely and you can win hearts and minds.

    If you have a message to communicate that is important to you, then the words used to craft that message should be chosen carefully and purposefully. That's what I do. As your copywriter I get to know you, your message, your audience. Then, I custom design content to fit your precise needs.
    Alexa (at) TheWebsiteWordsmith (dot) com

    Specializing in written marketing materials that educate and engage your customer base. I help you build a relationship of trust with your target market, which in turn helps you earn and keep their business. Most of your competitors are doing "content marketing" all wrong. Get ahead of them by hiring someone who will create for you content your customers actually want to read.

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