• Console operator

    at Ministry of External Relations

    June 2009 - at Present

    Centre Region

    I work here as a software developer. I also offer trainings to workers like Microsoft office,for them to be able to type and save texts on their own.I also install operating systems to new machines and laptops bought for workers in the ministry.I worked for 5 years and decided to study software engineering in 2014 at the African Institute of Computer Sciences Yaounde in order to improve my skills in the IT domain. While studying and working, I gained a lot of experience. The reason for applying for this job is to acquire more knowledge and share what I have.I come from a poor background where we are orphans and we are 5 children. Looking at my position as the first child in the families,I see that the salary is earn cannot take us to another level we keep on turning around on one spot.This job would be of great help to me and I'm ready to put in my best Thank you.


  • Engineering Diploma

    at African Institute of Computer Sciences

    2017 - 2017 (1 year) Centre Region

  • Bachelor

    at African Institute of Computer Sciences

    2014 - 2017 (3 years) Centre Region


  • English Native