• Project Manager

    at Pact Intl/World Bank/Government of South Sudan

    January 2013 - June 2016

    Central Equatoria State

    Coordinated the design and implementation of the community engagement component of the LGSDP project through work with six Government Ministries and a team of four NGOs, including IRC, CARE, Danish Demining Group and the Institute for Promotion of Civil Society, alongside the Government and the World Bank teams and community leaders, to develop a community engagement methodology that elaborated a strategy for community empowerment to enable them drive development in their respective areas. . Additionally, the team also developed a series of facilitator guides and training modules on community engagement, which were based on the community-driven development model that targeted government officials in Payams and Bomas in the Counties.

  • National Project Coordinator

    at World Bank/Government of Kenya

    June 2005 - June 2010


    Coordinated the design and implementation of a World Bank-funded poverty reduction project in Western Kenya. Recruited and trained staff for the Western Community Driven Development/Flood Mitigation project. Supervised and mentored 130 employees. Developed field operations manuals for staff as the project became fully operational. Coordinated project annual reviews, financial audits, preparation of progress reports, and World Bank supervision missions, etc. He also rolled out a $45 million small grants program to community groups in Western Kenya, which was used to stimulate income. Most successful projects were dairy projects where milk production at household levels in most participating communities increased household income and enhanced nutrition intake, especially among the vulnerable groups of under-five children and women of childbearing age that were previously at risk of childhood diseases and anemia respectively

  • Community Development Manager

    at EU Funded Community Development Trust Fund

    July 1997 - April 2002


    Contributed to the design of an EU-funded poverty reduction project in Kenya. Recruited and trained project staff and developed the staff operations manuals. Identified project grantees, assessed their applications and recommended a shortlist of candidates to the Board of Trustees for final decisions. The number of projects funded annually ranged from 150 to 200, with a disbursement rate of $2 million per annum. Besides the regularly funded projects, Mr. Wanyama also implemented a Drought Recovery Project for Northern Kenya in 1990, focusing on the local Somali population and the Somali Refugees. In addition to the foregoing, Mr. Wanyama also oversaw the development and maintenance of the project database, provided for periodic reviews and project monitoring reports for donor and Government circulation.


  • Bachelor of Social Development

    at University of Minnesota

    1974 - 1979 (5 years) Minnesota