My focus is to instill personal and corporate enlightenment with a quest towards self actualisation.

My message is simple. Whilst I play open misère, you will most likely not believe me, until you see it.

You can also find me on ~ where I write in Dutch.


  • doing away with Ego ~ naturally

    at becoming enlightened

    January 2007 - at Present

    Provincie Gelderland

    As a director or manager you effectively want to be able steer the professionals in your organization through a shared vision. How do you do that? As a team leader as well as in your private life you work with a diversity of people and projects in an efficient and productive manner. How do you do that? As a person in charge of your own life you have aspirations. Your day to day commitments that help you, also hinder you. You need to balance your activities to achieve your goals. How do you do that? We live in turbulent times. One major development on one side of our planet has an influence on society on the other side, within a day. The difference between success and failure has become dependent on the agility of you organization. As stability has disappeared, how do you define success?


  • mastered Innovation and Service Management

    at RMIT University - Melbourne - Australia

    2004 - at Present (15 years) State of Victoria

  • U-Lab Team Building Facilitation

    at MIT via EdX

    2015 - 2015 (1 year)

  • became a qualified Electronic Engineer

    at MTS College - Nijmegen - Holland

    1975 - 1979 (4 years) Provincie Gelderland

Services offered

  • Psycho-Education

    Geef me de 5 biedt praktische handvatten om met behulp van de bekende puzzel WIE, WAT, HOE, WAAR en WANNEER voor personen met Autisme Sensitiviteit. Deze duidelijkheid wordt gegeneraliseerd om samenhang aan te brengen naar andere situaties en ondertiteld, om woorden te geven aan de authentieke eigen ‘ik’, anderen en de omgeving.

  • Shoe Salesman

    Tobrea involved the design and development of a safety shoe for the office environment that demonstrates the benefits and viability of Triple Bottom Line trading principles. The Toe Break Load technology itself has TBL terminology imbedded in its face towards our aim. It highlights what TBL stands for: to encourage trading in Social, Environmental and Financial beneficial ways to create awareness and encourage a dialogue about what we can do as a society.

    Tobrea was designed on purpose with the objective to serve as a real life business scenario. The negotiations for the production of the Tobrea have been initiated.

    For every Tobrea that I sell, I debit $10 to the Lifeboat Foundation of which I am a Director, as well as the Association ter Bevordering van Autisme in the Werkplaats of which I am the initiator.

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy

    This page is intentionally left blanc

  • Corporate Communication Strategies and Workshop Facilitation

    Team building and personal development programs through time proven action learning methodologies.

    Delivery level of intervention plans: Kirkpatrick IV.

  • Life Style Choices

    Next to exercise, regularity in food intake affects mental capability that ultimately - when well balanced - delivers increased effectiveness. Fruit, vegetables and berries provide your body with important phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. Ideally they should be consumed every day. Juice Plus+ has been officially researched for more than 20 years with new study results published regularly in global scientific journals, that continue to show how their delicate juicing and drying procedures keep plant nutrients in their natural form. The process differentiation of Juice Plus+ products, allows it to claim that their products maintain natural chemical structures, without any additives or preservatives.


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