• Senior Consultant

    at The CAB Engineering Computer Company

    March 2014 - at Present


    Provide technical and management consulting services for the company focusing on facilitating the long-term development of supply chain management operations. Collaborate with executive management to create a comprehensive network of resource and service vendors that consistently address the needs of the company’s development processes. Lead the planning of supply chain management operations using a series of proven methodologies to promote process efficiency and effective cost management. Selected Contributions: ♦ Manage the analysis of the supply chain in an effort to identify areas in need of improvement. ♦ Implement standard operating procedures for procurement and sourcing operations to effectively manage the overall cost of acquiring resources. ♦ Facilitated the long-term operations planning for the company focusing on developing management models for the next 10 years of business operations.

  • Vice President of Operations, H/W Engineering, Supply Chain Management, IT, and Facilities

    at LogLogic (A Division of TIBCO Software) – San José, CA

    May 2005 - February 2014


    Oversaw the planning, development, and continued management of various departments within the company. Coordinated projects as needed to develop new products and services while promoting collaboration between the various departments. Implemented standardized processes that enable staff members to efficiently collaborate on projects, and complete the development of new products. Coordinated comprehensive analyses of business operations to identify areas in need of improvement, and facilitated the development of new management methodologies. ♦ Implemented process improvements that led to various metrics improvements, including a 25% reduction in COGS within a six-month time span. ♦ Coordinated the integration of new hardware platforms within the operations management and product development processes leading to the development of up to 52 new product models.

  • Senior Director of WW Operations and Supply Chain Mgt (Post-acquisition by NAI/McAfee)

    at IntruVert Networks (A Division of Network Associates/McAfee

    November 2001 - September 2004


    Coordinated operations during and after the acquisition of NAI/McAfee by IntruVert. Directed international operations focusing on establishing processes for global logistics. Managed communications with multiple international clients and vendors to develop a comprehensive supply chain. Led the development of international teams to manage global operations while promoting the reduction of costs. Selected Contributions: ♦ Coordinated the recruitment of multiple operations in department executives using a series of proven talent acquisition methodologies to promote professional excellence and communication. ♦ Established new operating procedures including change and document control management processes using new technologies to maintain a 100% accuracy rating and multiple metrics. ♦ Implemented management processes to improve global inventory management operations.


  • Bachelor Science and Letters

    at Liceo de Costa Riva

    1981 - 1985 (4 years) Provincia de San José

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