I am a final year UPM student pursuing my study in statistics. I exposed to the economics field during my degree life. I am a good team player and able to work under pressure and meet with timeline. I am computer and language literate. I will learn, apply and contribute all I learnt for the company.


  • Bachelor of Science Statistics With Honours

    at Universiti Putra Malaysia

    2016 - at Present (4 years) Selangor

Services offered

  • Volunteering

    I am a volunteer for the field trip to the Paya Indah Wetlands under Baksis programme for two days. During the first day of the field trip, my classmates and I had become group leader to lead a group of Year 1 students from Sekolah Kebangsaan Kajang. We cooperated with each other regardless of our own backgrounds and religions to lead the students during the field trip. I leaded the students in a newspaper-making clothes competition. During the competition, we used our own creativity to produce our own newspaper-making clothes for the model, which is one of the Year 1 students in my group to wear it for the competition. Even though at last we did not manage to win the competition, we enjoyed a lot of fun during the competition. Moreover, I also guided the students for the animal-drawing creativity competition. I guided the students by providing examples of animals and promoted the collaboration between the students to bring out their creativity and complete the drawings within the time frame. We also experienced a lot of fun during the animal-drawing competition.
    After accompanying with the Year 1 students, I was asked to plant some plants in the wetlands. I worked together with my classmates that come from different backgrounds and religions to dig the holes and put the plants inside the holes. On the next day, I was asked to carry out the cleaning process in the shelter for the hippopotamus. I collaborated with my classmates together to pull out the weeds outside the shelter of the hippopotamus and clean the shelter of the hippopotamus. I also get a chance to feed the hippopotamus on my own with the guidance from the staff of the wetlands. From this volunteering programme, I had learnt that team work is vital in succeeding a programme. Additionally, understanding and tolerance for other religions is important since I live with different races and religions. Creativity is also important as a new product cannot be produced without creativity.


  • English Native

  • Chinese Native

  • Malay Native

  • Japanese Negotiation