• Principal

    at ACS International Schools, Doha

    August 2011 - at Present

    Baladīyat ad Dawḩah

    Startup Principal Company NameACS International Schools Dates EmployedAug 2011 – Present Employment Duration8 yrs 4 mos LocationDoha, Qatar In 2011 I began my journey with ACS International Schools. Opening a new school in Doha came with a multitude of challenges and celebrations. By 2013 we had reached and superseded our projected growth and were ready to push towards our ultimate dream of opening our own campus, designed to support the expansive programmes we believe in. In August 2020 we will finally move onto our new campus, designed to support 2000+ students in making their dream careers a reality. My work here is done and I'm ready to share what I have learned on this journey to help others achieve their goals.


  • IBPYP Principal

    at ACS International Doha

    2018 - 2019 (1 year) Baladīyat ad Dawḩah

  • Peer Coach Consultant-Foundation Principals PYP schools

    at Steve Barkley

    2017 - 2018 (1 year)

  • M.Ed

    at MUST

    2010 - 2011 (1 year)

  • HDE Primary Education

    at Cape Town College of Education

    1985 - 1988 (3 years) Province of the Western Cape

Services offered

  • Education Leadership

    Academic Leader Performance Standards
    1. School Leadership The leader facilitates the development, communication, implementation, and evaluation of ACS vision and values that lead to student growth, academic progress and school improvement.
    2. School Culture and Ethos The leader develops and nurtures a student-centred, internationally-minded, holistic, academically aspirational, positive, healthy and safe school environment.
    3. Staff Management, Leadership and Development The leader fosters comprehensive staff management and development through the selection, assignment, induction, further training, evaluation (if applicable), and retention of quality staff.
    4. Operational Management The leader efficiently supports, manages, and oversees the organization and operation of school systems, and the use of resources for his/her area of responsibility.
    5. Planning and Analysis The leader gathers analyses, and uses relevant and sufficient data to inform planning and decision-making consistent with ACS vision and values, established guidelines, policies and procedures.
    6. Professionalism The leader demonstrates behaviour consistent with professional ethics, international-mindedness, ACS vision and values, and engages in continuous professional development that results in the enhancement of student learning and contributes to the profession.
    7. Communication and Community The leader fosters the success of the school, its programmes and students by communicating and collaborating regularly with all stakeholders in a way that promotes ACS vision and values.
    Highly Effective rating