• Engineer/Designer

    at ST Engineering

    February 2019 - at Present


    -Programmed and developed Ship Simulations UI and input controls from a custom C++ program made in-house within ST Electronics. Developed a Naval Simulation scenario project in Unity that was showcased in Singapore Imdex Convention 2019

  • Game Designer

    at Rocketwerkz

    October 2017 - February 2019


    -Developed and documented level creation metrics to solidify design principles in 2 months, completed in collaboration with artists and programmers. -Did weekly cross functional task management with Jira and documented weekly scrum meetings. This gave clear direction to game mechanics/assets before they were developed. -Analysis on both recent successful games such as Payday 2 and earlier game titles made by the Dean Hall to identify possible existing audiences. Application of identified features ensured the game was updated to the modern Co-op shooter ecosystem standards while drawing on the advantage of a firm fanbase that the company's founder (Dean Hall) has made. -Completed a total of 52 modular levels and 87 environmental assets at the end of 4 months. The game demo successfully obtained an 8 million NZD investment from Tencent on August 2018 after my team and I made a presentation.

  • Game Designer/Evaluator Intern

    at Sega Gogames

    May 2016 - November 2016


    -Wrote game evaluation report that fixed broken game loops and added monetization ideas based on monetization strategies from competitors. Wrote gameplay reports, tracked and balanced in-game currency which aided in allowing a higher DAU in the start of the game. Worked with overseas QA teams to test gameplay and write test documents. -Titles worked on : Warpirates (Mobile RTS game ; shipped) Code of Jokers (Mobile Arena Card Game ; shipped)


  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Major in Game Design

    at Digipen

    2012 - 2017 (5 years) Singapore

Services offered

  • Game Designer / Producer

    -Game Design
    -Game Mechanics Documentation
    -Game Flow
    -Level Design
    -Jira Documentation
    -Cross Functional Leadership


  • Chinese Native

  • English Native