Barah is a passion driven, talented and multi-skilled personnel looking for a change in career towards utilizing my IT, Health and safety skills in providing a professional service to staff/customers by honing my knowledge towards risk/cost reduction, increased efficiency/productivity, etc


  • Spray Painter

    at Giffin Traffiks LLC

    December 2018 - at Present

    Abū Z̧aby

    Major clients: Abu Dhabi Municipality, ADNOC, RTA, ETIHAD, PARSON, DOLPHIN Energy, Parson, AECOM, etc Responsibilities: Spray surfaces of machines, manufactured products, or working area with protective or decorative materials such as paint, enamel, glaze or lacquer using spray gun or sometimes brush/roller where necessary. Preparation of materials to be painted. Cleaning of grease/oil or rust from materials using thinner, turpentine, soap and water or acid. Filling of cavities, cuts and dents with putty. Applying masking tape on surfaces that need not to be painted. Selection, mixing and matching of paints to desired texture and colour using paddle or mixers. Safe storage and labelling of paints according to procedures on the Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS). Heating of painted materials in the oven for easy drying and stability to specified temperature upto 90°c-130°c. Use of the eclometer and Wet Film Thickness(WFT) gauge in checking the microns of coatings on materials.

  • Job Performer/Permit to Work Holder

    at Cosfrank Nigeria Limited

    January 2015 - August 2018

    Rivers State

    Major Client: Total E&P, NDDC, etc Responsibilities: Participation in kick-off meetings where job safety analysis (JSA) was discussed. Collection and review of the JSA and permit to work to ensure compliance with the procedures discussed in the meeting. Performed preliminary site visit on work locations and conditions.Checked the progress of activities and took note of any unforeseen condition before the preparation of the PTW. Carrying out a tools box talk base on the daily activities. Ensure the safety of operations as stipulated in the JSA.Ensure the adequate use of PPEs while on site. Constant supervision to ensure that the activities are done in a safe procedure and condition as stated in the PTW.


  • Procurement Logistics Management

    at Disasterready

    2020 - at Present (1 year)


    at UNICEF

    2020 - 2020 (1 year)

  • Fire Safety Induction

    at International Association of Chemical Safety

    2020 - 2020 (1 year)

  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)365 Software Certificate

    at International Association of Chemical Safety

    2020 - 2020 (1 year)


    at Green World Group Safety Consultant

    2019 - 2019 (1 year) Abū Z̧aby


    at Green World Group

    2019 - 2019 (1 year)

  • Management of Change in Process Safety

    at Green World Group Safety Consultant

    2019 - 2019 (1 year) Abū Z̧aby

  • Bachelor's degree

    at Abi State University

    2009 - 2014 (5 years)


  • English Native

  • German Elementary

  • Hindi Conversation

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