Supply chain and operations leader with experience in creating strategies and leading the execution of all supply chain activities, including procurement, manufacturing, materials and distribution management. Skilled in key negotiations and strategic decision making.


  • Demand Planning Manager

    at Coca Cola Kyrgyzstan

    April 2016 - November 2019

    Gorod Bishkek

    •Develop short & longer term demand forecasts to assist business management in development of business and sales plans •Led implementation of effective supply chain planning systems while improving sales and operations planning processes for distribution network. Outcome is increasing of Line efficiency by 24%. •Deployed logistics systems and outsourced transportation to maximize efficiency, cost and benefit. Led the project of “Effective transportation system” which led to cost saving 100K USD per year. Moreover, this project improved labor productivity by 300% and significant time saving. •Achieved 33% inventory reduction by developing and implementing optimization methodologies for accounting processes •Managed production levels, identified material shortages and monitored inventory levels to meet order delivery requirements. Raw material yield for Syrup and Sugar is 100%, comparing with 98% in 2014. Financial effect is 150,000 USD saving per year.

  • Planning Specialist

    at Coca Cola Kyrgyzstan

    April 2012 - April 2016

    Gorod Bishkek

    • Conferred with managers, sales teams and engineering personnel to revise plans and achieve demanding targets • Input data in SAP to create updated status reports for quick reference of project progress and deadlines • Gauged production progress to inform leaders of performance concerns • Presented production schedules to production team outlining milestones and deadlines • Developed and maintained automated tracking systems, hard copy files and records to enhance office workflows • Scheduled deliveries of raw materials by specified time to begin production on time • Addressed internal supply problems head-on and developed creative solutions to prevent delays and missed targets


  • International Relations

    at International Ataturk Alatoo University

    2005 - 2010 (5 years) Gorod Bishkek


  • English Negotiation

  • Kyrgyz Native

  • Russian Native

  • Turkish Negotiation