DAVE CRANE. Entrepreneur, Motivational Keynote and Inspirational Speaker & Success Expert.
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Services offered

  • Fear of Public Speaking Cooaching

    10 Benefits After Coaching.

    Learn to make use of the powerful techniques of persuasion to shape peoples thoughts, influence behavior, and lead them to a favorable outcome. Dave will help you explore key strategies and gain effective tools to engage and inspire others across a variety of business contexts. In this seminar you will learn to:

    1. Create powerful interactive presentations that will wow and excite your audience.
    2. Position yourself as the industry expert, the 100% authority and thought leader in your niche.
    3. Communicate and deliver your cutting edge content in an easily understandable way to your chosen demographic.
    4. Confidently answer any question about the most difficult subjects and convert non believers into brand ambassadors.
    5. Gain greater buy-in, commitment and brand loyalty from all attendees as you drive new discussions and directions from all who watch you speak.
    6. Become more confident and persuasive with every presentation (big or small).
    7. Monetize your new skills through speaking engagements, higher ROI and word of mouth recommendations.
    8. Become headhunted by the competition and seen as the one to watch by everyone within your network.
    9. Satisfy stakeholders, directors and decision-makers that you are the industry go-to guy and they are lucky to have you.
    10. Increase opportunities for people to recommend you, gravitate towards your business and hire your services and products because of greater brand approval.

  • Keynote Motivational Speaker

    Motivational speaker, influencer, fear of public speaking mentor, fear of public speaking training.

    I'm a former BBC journalist leading in motivational training, team building and development within corporate sector, and working with some of the region’s best known brands. Harnessing 10 years’ experience NLP Master Practitioner and employing cognitive strategies to build successful and productive teams for corporations.

    My key focus is in delivering quality, incorporating strategies that boost productivity and effectiveness with a measurable ROI and learning outcomes. I take the best in team building, team learning and team excellence and blend them with my own motivational concepts, NLP, and the latest in communication, personal development and accelerated learning techniques to build strong, productive, and motivated teams.

    I am highly active on the international public speaking circuit, hosting awards, private functions, presenting at a range of regional key note speaker engagements, industry expos and corporate seminars on a variety of business related topics. I am also often engaged in television related projects and direct events and corporate promotions.

    My vast amount of entertainment and media experience and connections, enables me to play an integral role in facilitating some of the regions flagship sporting and entertainment events such as Emirates Airlines Rugby Sevens and Samsung. Working with some of the best known entertainers from Hollywood & Bollywood, I create successful large scale entertainment.

    I am a prolific writer and video blogger.


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