Highly capable Product Manager Looking
to relocate, with over 9 years experience
(over 3 years of in-field experience
adding to other 6 years of web
development) in top multinational and
multicultural technology companies.


  • Product Manager

    at Stefanini for Dell Financial Services

    November 2018 - at Present


    Delivered 2 Micro Services, decommissioning part of a legacy app, serving round-the-clock data to the stakeholders Leading and managing a Pivotal team that increased from 4 of 10 fullstack developers, adopting a new technology, a new methodology and 6 new members 􀆡2 seniors, 2 juniors and 2 interns) Release till now 3 builds of a new application Creating the Product Vision, Product Roadmap and Product Documentation Optimizing team development roadmap and driving Product Architectural Design Meetings Gathering and negotiating the requirements with the stakeholders Analyze defects and their impact and prioritize them as well as the entire backlog Collaborating with the Product Domain Manager, System Architect, User Acceptance Testing team and Delivery Manager

  • Front End Developer

    at Avira

    October 2012 - at Present


    Implemented data charts, using d3.js library Implemented webpage layouts using HTML5, CSS3 (or LESS􀆣, jQuery and JavaScript Implemented email templates using strict tabled HTML and specific CSS and VML for Microsoft Outlook Implemented the user interface for a windows application with Microsoft Blend and Visual Studio using XAML Created animations using CSS3/JavaScript and XAML Created responsive and mobile/tabled versions for the applications Conducted cross platform, cross browser, cross operating system and cross email client testing

  • Head of Web Development

    at Cyberghost VPN

    March 2018 - November 2018


    Built a development team of from ground up 􀆡3 developers in Romania, one in Germany till I hired a replacement in Romanian office) and Implemented an evaluation system for the development team Coached and implemented the agile methodology and created the processes for 5 teams 􀆡5 developers, 2 designers, 2 campaign mangers, 3 content writers and 3 QAs) and 12 stakeholders Lead and managed 3 teams 􀆡Web Development, Content Writing and Design) Created the roadmap for the teams Gathered requirements for each release and Prioritized the backlog Improved Time-to-Release from 2 weeks to 3 days Lowered the defect average number from 20 to 1 Represented the teams in the Company board meetings with the other directors and the CEO

  • Product Owner

    at Luxoft for UBS London

    July 2016 - April 2018


    Delivered a new application in production and had other 6 update releases Piloted a team of 9 developers and 3 testers to each release Coached and Implemented Scrum for the team Gathered and negotiating the requirements with the stakeholders Created flows, mocks and diagrams Analyzed and prioritized the defects Created development stories and prioritize the backlog

  • Front End Engineer

    at Luxoft for UBS London

    January 2015 - January 2016


    Analyze, implement and test the main functionality of the app using Angular.js, HTML and SCSSS in a well organized Agile environment

  • User Interface Owner

    at Emag

    May 2014 - January 2016


    Improved the look and feel of the B2B application Conducted UX analysis UI&UX code review Design and optimize behaviours and UI controls

  • Designer & Front End Developer

    at Eweb-InfoPro

    February 2008 - January 2012


    Designed and Implemented HTML Templates, email templates and websites Designed print and digital graphics Meet with the client and gathered the requirements


  • Licence

    at Petroleum & Gas University

    2008 - 2016 (8 years) București


  • Romanian Native

  • English Negotiation

  • Spanish Conversation