• Director Operations Logistics

    at Nova Maris Services

    January 2019 - July 2019


    Managing and coordinating the company’s activities related to:  chartering and ship brokerage, logistics, transport, customs brokerage, container and land transport, port operations, port agency.  international forwarding, including Danube river barge transportations, organization of oversized cargo transport, combined shipments: sea-land, sea-drought-river, cars-railway, wagons and vice-versa

  • Expert Municipal Property & Economic Activities (part time)

    at Municipality of Varna

    June 2018 - May 2019


    ▪ Responsible for the elaboration of a working map for renovation and improvement of commercial activities of the harbors purchased by the municipality during and after the transfer of ownership to the Municipality of Varna. ▪ Preparing and presenting proposals and conceptual plans for the renovation and development of the newly acquired ports according to the European directives and possibilities for participation in European projects, as well as the alignment of the ports with the latest amendments of the Bulgarian legislation. ▪ Monitoring and controlling the process of eliminating existing deficiencies and improving

  • Chief Expert EU Project Department

    at Executive Agency Maritime Activities (EMEA)

    November 2015 - May 2018


    Responsible for improving the Technical Assistance of the General Directorate "Emergency Search and Rescue" in the implementation of rescue operations in the Bulgarian Marine Responsible Search and Rescue Area (BMRSRA) - 40,000 sq. km, of vessels and aircraft, prevention of pollution of the Black Sea by passing, standing and / or damaged vessels and aircraft. Working independently and in coordination with other agencies and ministries to identify suitable open European programs with opportunities for EAMA application. Creating audit trails for the control of approved Euro-projects.

  • Project Development Manager

    at Vista V.S.T. Ltd.

    December 2008 - October 2017


    By agreement with Allianz bank for the period 2011/2013 managing ships trading Black/Mediterranean seas. Mission: through proper management ensure the payment of the monthly instalments of the mortgage contract for the purchase. Commercial management including chartering, brokerage, agency, navigation, technical management supervision, maintaining ISPS on board. Managing activities of engineering projects commissioned by REWE Group, Germany for the purchase of land, change of purpose, elaboration, admission to the Detailed Development Plan, design and turnkey construction of supermarkets PENNY Market in Varna and Balchik. Contracting and delivering all necessary for the construction materials and delivering the finished sites within the contracted deadline. Managing and controlling the implementation of a trading contract with Alfa Wood, Greece, for the purchase and delivery of 10.000 cbm Bulgarian timber at the Alfa Wood factory in Grevena, Greece under CAF conditions.

  • Manager International Trade (part time)

    at Risoil S.A.

    August 2016 - July 2017


    Implementing commercial activities and negotiations for grain trading on international market. Coordinating the process of buying grain from Bulgarian producers, negotiating sale of with international buyers. Negotiating and coordinating freight and transport-logistics activities, negotiating and executing charter-parties for ocean transports. Administrating sales contracts, organizing, monitoring and coordinating transports by ship, road, rail, barge. Daily market intelligence, contacts with international brokers. Offering to international market quantities of wheat, corn, sunflower, wheat bran pellets, sunflower seeds pellets and others. Responsible for obtaining, negotiating and executing offers from ports, trucking companies, forwarders, shipbrokers and/or agents for FOB, CAF/CIF price calculations. Responsible for smooth performance of trading contracts. Communicating and coordinating with Ports, Ship operators, Forwarders, Agents, Traders, Sellers, Buyers.

  • Director of Operations

    at Vega Shipping & Trading Ltd.

    July 2004 - December 2008


    Managing the company's activities related to chartering, ships brokerage, ships agency, port operations, logistics, transportation, customs brokerage. Managing projects involving container and land transport, international forwarding, organization of groupage and oversize cargo. Combined shipments: sea-land, sea-drought-river, cars-railway, wagons and vice versa.

  • Director Liner Shipping Operations & & Executive Manager BULCON

    at Navigation Maritime Bulgare

    January 2002 - December 2003


    Managing the activities related to the commercial exploitation of 16 container and liner ships of the Black Sea - Mediterranean - Western Europe services. Market research and identification of existing and potential clients in Europe, Turkey, Near East, North Africa. Performing visits, negotiating prices, terms, conditions, volumes 95% on B2B basis, growing client base, making offers and closing deals Managing and coordinating agency network serving direct and feeder calls of the container service Organizing, managing and coordinating the operations of direct calls and feeder container services in the Black sea, Mediterranean, NE Atlantic and North Sea. Responsible for the administration, tracking and methodological guidance on the implementation of ISPS ashore and aboard ships.

  • Director of Operations

    at Vega Spedtrans Ltd.

    January 1998 - December 2001


    Managing and coordinating the company’s activities related to chartering, ships brokerage and agency, port operations, logistics, transport, custom brokerage, container and land transport, international forwarding, organization of groupage and oversized cargo transport, combined shipments: sea-land, sea-drought-river, cars-railway, wagons and vice versa.

  • Director of Business Development

    at Navibul 2 Ltd.

    September 1991 - December 1997


    Negotiating and executing charter-parties as an exclusive ship broker for Kremikovtzi steel mill in connection with a contract for the passage of US Coking Coal Transactions from CIF to FOB for a total of 2.5 million tons per year. Carrying out market surveys for suitable ships in accordance with the transport clauses of the commercial contracts concluded by Kremikovtzi and the respective open letters of credit for the individual lots. Negotiating charter-parties for respective lots and finding best possible ships and freights with respective laycan periods and production delivery schedule. Organizing and managing receipt and due study of all documents necessary for completion of respective voyage according to executed charter-parties, checking/controlling freight, demurrage and/or dispatch invoices.

  • Manager Liner Shipping

    at Navigation Maritime Bulgare

    June 1987 - September 1991


    Managing the commercial operation of a group of 12 ships in the Black Sea - Mediterranean region - Western Europe; Engaged daily in finding suitable cargoes filling ships capacity to maximum capacity, negotiating with charterers, shippers or receivers in custom oriented style. Negotiating and executing charter-parties, managing ship’s performance in accordance with them, monitoring invoicing and post-fixture till final settlement of all demurrages and/or dispatches; Planning, organizing and issuing ships’ liner schedule, splitting cargo lots to agents in ports of call; daily communicating with customers, following long-term maritime transport contract terms; Organizing the work of the line agents in the visited ports in order to fully fill the cargo and volumetric capacity of the ships on the line; Maintaining daily communication with captains and agents; Searching and negotiating goods for transportation with foreign and Bulgarian new clients, renegotiation with existing ones.

  • Overseas Sailing Captain

    at Navigation Maritime Bulgare

    September 1980 - June 1987



  • Shipmaster - Engineer

    at Naval Academy "N.Y. Vaptzarov"

    1975 - 1980 (5 years) Varna

  • German language

    at High School Foreign Languages

    1970 - 1975 (5 years) Varna


  • English Negotiation

  • German Conversation

  • Russian Conversation