During my education I won several awards like: Researching Elite and Ranked first among applicants for PhD Applications. Moreover, I am highly skilled at programming and solving large scale optimization problems.


  • Project Manager

    at Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran (MCI)

    September 2019 - at Present

    Ostān-e Tehrān

    Responsibility: Doing a project in the first and largest mobile operator in Iran. Project title: The evaluation of training and development of employees: The case of Mobile Telecommunication Company. Achievements: • In this research we focused on the evaluation and improvement of Kirkpatrick‘s four levels model. His model fails to account for factors such as work environment, individual factors, training characteristics, and their impact on training effectiveness. Accordingly, we investigate the moderating variables of training characteristics and evaluate their subsequent impacts on Kirkpatrick‘s four training outcomes (reaction, learning, behavior and results). • In this project I divided all the study into four sections and after Recruitment of four graduate students and teaching them about the subject, we applied an integrated research method to develop a tailor-made framework for evaluation of training programs in this company.

  • Logistics Operations Manager

    at Chain international Transport courier Co.

    December 2018 - at Present

    Ostān-e Tehrān

    Responsibility: Directing and coordinating all operations departments’ activities to: • Develop and meet business and profitability growth objectives • Review analyses of activities relating to Costs and operations • Forecast data to determine department progress toward planned objectives • Develop, review, update, and implement business strategic planning • Oversees operations to ensure minimum cost and to meet demand growth • Overseeing inventory, distribution of goods and facility layout Achievements: I recognized that the lion section of our costs was logistics cost. As a result, by inspiring from the vehicle routing problem (VRP), I developed a combinatorial optimization and integer programming which determined the optimal set of routes for a fleet of vehicles to traverse in order to deliver to a given set of customers. It resulted in cost reductions equal to one quarter of total salaries.

  • Senior Operations Research Analyst

    at TAM Iran Khodro Company Group

    July 2015 - at Present

    Ostān-e Tehrān

    Responsibility: My task was answering this question: how to Schedule Employees Effectively considering their work shift preferences. Achievements: They were concerned with the scheduling problem that involved assigning shifts and break times to the work days of employees and allocating days off to individual work schedules. I developed a mathematical model to minimize the maximum inequity to assign shifts to workers based on skill and availability as well as make adjustments quickly if needed in future. To solve this NP-hard problem a genetic algorithm was developed.

  • Senior Business Analyst

    at Hamkaran Co.

    July 2014 - at Present

    Ostān-e Tehrān

    Responsibility: Doing Feasibility Studies Achievements: I used to do research to conclude whether we have the people, tools, technology, and resources necessary for various projects of the company and whether each project gets us the return on investment (ROI) that we need and expect.

  • Senior Operations Research Analyst

    at Barakat foundation

    December 2013 - at Present

    Ostān-e Tehrān

    Responsibility: It was a national project and my task was answering to this question: how to create jobs in deprived areas of Iran. Our team consisted of 20 Ms and PhD students. Achievements: I translated the above-mentioned question in a more practical way: • How to provide entrepreneurial opportunities in deprived areas to maximize return on investment and maximizing employment simultaneously? Finally, we developed a conceptual model with a supportive supply chain development approach to do so considering economic and social criteria simultaneously.

  • Curriculum Planner

    at GAJ International Institute for Higher Education

    February 2011 - at Present

    Ostān-e Tehrān

    Responsibility: Ensuring that books are produced on schedule, on budget, and of high quality Achievements: Curriculum Planning and Scientific Supervisor for the Applicants of Higher-Education Entrance-Exam has been done


  • Ph.D. in Production & Operations Management

    at Shahid Beheshti University

    2014 - 2018 (4 years) Ostān-e Tehrān

  • Operations Research

    at Shahid Beheshti University

    2009 - 2012 (3 years) Ostān-e Tehrān

  • Industrial Engineering

    at Iran University of Science and Technology

    2004 - 2009 (5 years) Ostān-e Tehrān


  • English Native

  • Persian Native