I am an experienced content writer, content strategist, and copywriter. I have been working on different projects in many industries, such as tourism, e-learning, real-estate, office park, health tourism, wearables, Saas... I also write fiction for a hobby.


  • Content writer, strategist, copywriter

    at Plava sova

    April 2014 - at Present

    Zagreb County

    I have been writing on many interesting projects, such as writing a blog for one of the most successful Croatian hospitality company (Losinj hotels and villas), Emezzzeta (Croatian Conforama), for e-learning company, and also my client was Matrix Office Park, the most advanced office park of Croatia. I was content manager, strategist, and writer for website, social networks, media, blog, etc. Among many clients I can be working with, I also worked with a lot of SME companies with exciting products and services.

  • Freelancer

    at Freelance writer

    January 2000 - at Present

    Zagreb County

    Since University, I was writing for different media. Magazines, books, radio, TV, children book, children theatre show, PR, copywriting... Something for business, something for fun.

  • Founder / CEO

    at Fora radionice

    September 2012 - June 2015

    Zagreb County

    I founded and sold one small startup. It was social entrepreneurship to develop a curriculum for STEM education of gifted children. I developed a business model where fun events, parties, and camps offered STEM content, but in a light and playful way. That part is a bit more profitable, was the source of the financing for more educational severe work. Since in Croatia back then there wasn't anything alike, I felt the need to contribute. It was an enjoyable and engaging experience. It helped me to understand entrepreneurship inside-out and stand in the shoes of each department / worker since as a startup founder, I was all that by myself in the beginning. I got an award and business angels mentorship, which gave me another perspective on work, life, and entrepreneurship: a short, but a profoundly life-changing experience.


  • SEMRush

    at digital analytics

    2019 - at Present (1 year)

  • MA of literature and cultural studies

    at University of Zagreb

    1995 - 2001 (6 years) Zagreb County

Services offered

  • content writing

    Do you need to really capture the attention of your reader?
    You want to make attractive and simple content that will build an aura of excitement and curiosity around your brand?
    Let me do that for you.

  • Content strategy

    Okay, now you have a product / service, but what should you blog about? What to put on your social networrks? Can your sponsored articles in media be popular?

    What I do is understanding the core of your product, fall in love with its features and than I get to meet the clients. Their problems, fears, doubts, needs...

    Intersection of your product and it's USP-s, the reality of your clients needs, behaviour, interest and demographic, I will help you build strong and robust content strategy. It must bridge the gap between the product and customers, give additional value and help your clients use your product / service better.

    I never ran out of the ideas.

  • Content analytics

    I use marketing BI tools to compare what your competiton is doing in the digital world. I can tell what media bring them best results, what technologies they use, what channels are the most important for them, which keywords they use and which content of their is the most popular among the customers.
    Based on the comparison I can develop suggestions what can be done better, where there is an opportuinity to perform better.


  • English Negotiation

  • Croatian Native

  • German Conversation

  • Russian Conversation

  • Czech Conversation