Passionate about "energizing communication".. Writing e-books, translating books, hosting training courses and workshops all over the world. Everyone can learn how to create a smile on any persons face. It strengthens troubled youngsters!

Creating smiles: every persons potential needs awareness!


  • Director


    January 2013 - at Present

    Provincie Zuid-Holland

    Author of the e-book: "Solution .Focused Mentoring 5 Steps to bring out the best in your Mentee and yourself'. + next book is coming! Since August 2005 I am a part time entrepreneur developing and delivering (international) workshops and training courses about 'Energizing Communication with Troubled Youth'. Deep level and fun learning: verbal and non-verbal (utilising arts and music) in order to experience how Energizing Communication works!.

  • Coach - Counsellor

    at Bureau Uil

    January 2005 - at Present

    Provincie Overijssel

    Private practice counselling children and their parents. Helping them to find solutions for their social - emotional problems hidden inside of them!

  • Teacher

    at Primary Schools

    September 1985 - at Present

    Provincie Zuid-Holland

    Teaching age 4 up to 12 Primary schools: regular - special education - non formal Jenaplan - Montessori - Dalton - Working two days a week as a substitute. Relationship / connectedness / empowering are my keywords.


  • Various Solution Focused (Master)courses

    at Solutions Centre

    2009 - 2015 (6 years) Provincie Utrecht

  • Schoolcounsellor

    at SCN - Stichting Counselling Nederland

    2004 - 2006 (2 years) Provincie Gelderland

  • M.Ed. Master Ecological Pedagogy

    at Hogeschool Utrecht

    2002 - 2006 (4 years)

Services offered

  • Communication coach - consultant - writer.

    Wonderful moving communication creates energy..
    Learn how to communicate with children, co workers, your spouse and all others who are important in your life and your work!
    Ask me to write about a problem or solution in a metaphor, Messages packed in a narrative. You can deliver 'the environment'!
    Consult me for developing a training. with the goal of 'deep level learning'.

  • mentoring your creative ideas

    Anyone who has creative ideas: let's talk about it and find out what happens next! My goal is to make you smile while thinking about your next creative move. What's your goal? Using Skype makes mentoring possible everywhere!

  • life coaching

    Feedback from one of clients: ( life coaching Skype sessions):
    "It is the human connection and the wisdom that helped more than anything.

    Ella is simply there with you with all her being and she stands beside

    you with a mind that is alive and curious.

    I could talk about issues that I thought no one could handle or

    understand without laborious explanation. After each session

    I naturally knew what needs to be done and I did it.

    I think that the support Ella offers is profound and helps us

    gets back to what we all seek in various ways and forms-unconditional

    regard and love X "


  • German Elementary

  • English Conversation

  • Dutch Native

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