• Responsable Informatique / Manager IT

    at Lycee Francais de Jakarta / Sekolah Prancis Jakarta

    August 2008 - at Present

    Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta

    Job description - Creating annual work project IT Dept. - Make Annual Budget Plans IT Dept. - Responsible for assets related to IT. - Evaluate the performance of the Dept. IT team - Analyzing problems from issues. - Designing the concept of ticketing (OS Ticket) as a tool - Building a network concept using the virtual server VMWare eSXI, VLan, Print server, ADDC server, File server, Application server, and Backup storage. - Designing network cabling installation concepts and implementing. implementing IT Security by using Firewall and Web filtering functions on fortigate. - Creating concepts and implementing school global network connections such as failover connection management bandwidth using proxy, and VPN connection using fortigate. Material : Windows Server 2016, VMWare eSXI, Fortigate 201E, Mikrotik Routerboard, WLC CISCO, Papercuts, KoXo Administrator, Zuludesk Management, Google Apps, Google Cloud Platform, Moodle, WordPress, OS Tickets, LifeSize

  • Asst. Section Chief IT

    at PT. Asiatec Fujisawa Mfg. Indonesia

    December 2005 - July 2008

    Jawa Barat

    Job description - Maintain NTServer, ERP Server & Payroll Server - Customize Attendance System with VB6 & My SQL - Back Up Data - Maintain Network and Cabling - Error Handling Attendance System and Payroll System. - Maintain and Error Handling Connection of Internet ADSLAs a Help Desk and IT support for each Dept. - Control and repair CCTV surveillance cameras and DVRs. - Control and improve internet connections, network cable installation, client computers and servers - Make daily, weekly and monthly reports submitted to management - With Dept. Accounting does the inventory taking process and makes its report. - Control the ERP server Material : Windows Server 2002, ERP, Windows XP/Vista/7, ACCPAC,

  • Instruktur Komputer Program Pendidikan Prof 1 tahun

    at LBPP LIA (Yayasan LIA) Program Pendidikan Profesional 1 Tahun

    October 2001 - December 2005

    Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta

    Job description - Prepare material that will be used for teaching and learning activities. - Teach and provide evaluations to students in the Computer Laboratory - Preparing exam questions to be used in the Mid Term Test and Final Semester Exams. - Make regular class activity reports to PP supervisors - Repairing and maintaining computer laboratories - Provide final assignment guidance to students who will graduate Material : MS Office 2000, MS Windows 98, MS Windows 2000 Server, Network System Management (Manajemen Sistem Jaringan), Algorithm and Programming (Algoritma dan Pemrograman), Design System (Perancangan Sistem), Microsoft Visual Basic 6

  • Instruktur Komputer / Dosen

    at AMIK BSI (Bina Sarana Informatika)

    October 1999 - January 2001

    Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta

    Job description - Prepare training material. - Teach and give practical assignments - Provide guidance to students in the final semester - Provide Reports of teaching and learning activities to PUDIR 1 Academic. Material : Paket Program Niaga (MS Office 2000, MS Windows 98), Quick Basic, Turbo Pascal 7, DAC Easy Accounting for Windows, Foxbase, Cobol



    at Mikrotik

    2010 - at Present (10 years)

  • S1 Information Management

    at UPN Veteran Jakarta

    1994 - 1999 (5 years) Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta


  • Indonesian Native

  • English Conversation