International Experienced Business leader looking for an exciting opportunity to share knowledge and experience with a team to demolish targets and grow the business.


  • Chief Operating Officer

    at Global Shipping & Logistics LLC

    June 2016 - May 2019


    Formulated and implemented strategy. Translated strategy into budgets and departmental targets and KPI's for the year. Led all the business departments. Improved productivity, reduced accident ratios and bought on new products and services. Developed and implemented new policies Improved all processes including sales. Reason for leaving returned to South Africa.

Services offered

  • Business Leader

    The ability to pull a team together to focus on the important issues that deliver the results. Service oriented and financially driven to achieve the desired results ASAP.
    Strong communicator, up and down. Natural extrovert get on easily with customers, suppliers and colleagues.
    Quickly identify shortfalls in process and procedures and find ways to drive continuous improvement. Comfortable taking the right decision for the business even when they may be unpopular.


  • English Native

  • Afrikaans Negotiation

  • Spanish Negotiation