• Wellsite Geologist

    at Saudi Aramco

    April 2015 - at Present

    Minţaqat ar Riyāḑ

    -Evaluating offset data before the start of drilling. -Analyzing, evaluating and describing formations while drilling, using cuttings, ROP, MWD (formation evaluation measurement while drilling) and wireline data. -Pick formation tops & casing points based on well-to-well correlations using Gravitas; -Pressure gradients calculation, overpressure zones identification based on petrophysical parameters. Surge & Swab, Bit hydraulics and Dxc Exponent calculation. Advice, calculates and recognizes Pore Pressure, Fracture Gradient and Overburden Gradient based on Mud Logging, electrical and seismic data; -Decision help to establish bit change, drilling stop and casing points; -Prepare and delivery to client all well data: Final Well Report, Mud Log, Pressure Log and Drilling Log; -Comparing data gathered during drilling with predictions made at the exploration stage.

  • Data Engineer

    at Datalog

    June 2014 - January 2018

    Region Sjælland

    I was the chain joint at the well site between the Company (ILI Datalog, UK) and the Client and I had to ensure the high quality service for the Client. Duty, attributions and skills - Performed geological surveillance of well during drilling (geological samples and core analysis, formation/hydrocarbon shows evaluation, 24 hours realtime drilling parameters monitoring including also gas while drilling). - Performed well safety/well control/drilling engineering calculations and assistance during drilling/tripping/completion operations (dangerous gas, blow out, losses, trip monitoring, formation pressure prediction and forecast). - Made hydraulic calculations to monitor all pits volumes during trip/drilling. - Performed rig sensors and unit instruments periodical maintenance and troubleshooting in case of issues; - Rigged up/down mudlogging unit onshore;

  • Lecturere/Geologist

    at Dep Of Geology

    January 2008 - June 2015

    Judeţul Iaşi

    - Responsible for all wellsite geological data acquisition, wellsite interpretations and correlations with offset wells. - Cuttings description, shows and gas evaluation (Gas Chromatography evaluation using Wh, Bh and Ch ratios), geochemical analysis (TOC, palynofacies and palynological analysis) selection of core points (& / or sidewall core), core sample handling and description, wellsite log interpretations, selection of geological casing setting points, picking of formation tops, etc. - Responsible for abnormal pressure detection interpretations through conventional methods with Mud logging and drilling data. -Maintain an understanding of well path and borehole condition, and if relevant form interpretation of borehole instability from pressure (D'exp) or tectonics, based on lithology, lag times, cavings. -Teaching activities for following topics: Wellsite Geology, Mud Logging and drilling fluids, Borehole drilling technology.

  • Wellsite Geologist

    at Afren

    January 2014 - April 2015

    Atsimo-Atsinanana Region

    -Coordinate and execute G&G wellsite and accountable for accurate wellsite G&G data collection, documentation and distribution; -Analyzes geopressure and geomechanical aspects of drilling programs; -Assure technical expertise on wellsite geology to be provided to assets and headquarter departments -Assure the quality of wellsite geological activity including monitoring, documentation and recording of data and the quality of final well reports for new wells drilled; -Coaching and training employees in wellsite geology and other related disciplines; -Describe and analyses cuttings and core to determine the pores fluid, establish the core points intervals; -Pick formation tops & casing points based on well-to-well correlations using Gravitas; -Describe and analyses cuttings and core to determine the pores fluid, establish the core points intervals; -Very god experience with gas chromatograph data interpretation (Wh, Bh, Ch and Pixler plots) with regard to reservoir area;

  • Senior Geologist/Geomechanics

    at Halliburton

    January 2012 - January 2014


    -Proficient in petrophysical geopressure analysis using MWD/LWD (GR, DT, Res, RHOB, Caliper) DXc, Sigmalog, LOT/FIT, MDT, Gas Chromatography data and drilling events within Landmark Software (Drillworks Predict); -Prepare and deploys real-time geological modelling applications in the field and office environment; -Provide recommendations to the client that aide in the prevention or elimination of formation fluid influx, drilling fluid loss and wellbore stability; -Pre-drill & Post-drill well evaluation of formation pressure & drilling optimization; -Real-time pore pressure and fracture pressure gradient prediction well bore stability analysis and surveillance; -Monitoring and interpretation of gas, cuttings, LWD, drilling and other data to ensure the safe and efficient performance of drilling operations; -Ensuring the client gets high quality pore pressure and fracture gradient interpretations before, during, and after the drilling operations;


  • PhD in Geology

    at Al. I. Cuza University

    2005 - 2008 (3 years) Judeţul Iaşi


  • Romanian Native