• Senior Surveyor

    at Basil Read Mining(Blasting &Excavation)

    April 2017 - at Present


    -Month end measurements and Reports -Photogrammetry/Aerial Surveys - drone surveys and mapping -Ensuring and coordinating that survey tasks are done in the Pit, and on site -Grade control (Bench elevation control) using grade box or level laser -Haul ROAD Construction -Plan updating -Dermacation of mining/digging limits.

  • Survey Technician

    at SB Construction Surveys

    January 2017 - April 2017


    -Implementing topographical surveys and plan preparation on AutoCad. -Setting out of roads, road alignment and maintaining road levels. -Setting out works for construction. -Setting out of cadastral boundaries and beacons. -As built surveys of buildings and services. -Areas, volumes and tonnage calculations. -Levelling. Plan reading and interpretation.

  • Site Surveyor

    at Dangote Civil and Electrical Engineering

    October 2015 - December 2016


    -Plan reading and interpretation. -Leveling. -Setting out works. -Setting out stipulated gradients for pipelines. -Compiling month end reports and submitting to the Manager. -Quantifying materials needed for construction from plan and drawings. -Assist in the quantification of the Interim Payment Certificate preparation. -Carrying out survey duties for construction purposes. -Supervising workers on site. -Attending Site Progress Meetings. -Quality control (concrete strength test procedures).

  • Site Surveyor

    at Mabel Construction

    April 2014 - December 2014


    -Setting and maintaining stipulated gradient/levels of structures including roads. -Setting out and Point location. -Plan reading and interpretation. -Calculations of areas, volumes and tonnages of excavations and material. -Compilation and finalization of Bills of quantities. -Supervising, coordinating and influencing workers on site. -Attending meetings on behalf of the contractor. -Planning/programming, setting procedures of work to be Executed- -Compiling month end reports.

  • Mine Surveyor

    at Homestake Mining and Technical Services

    July 2011 - March 2013

    Midlands Province

    -Carrying out month end measures underground. -Plan updating and cross section updating. -Setting out and Point Location using Topcon GTS 211D Total Station -Leveling (slimes dam wall levelling, setting levels for Ball Mill Shaft). -Carrying out all dump survey and other surface survey. -Peg installation and coordinating. -Measuring hauling distance. -Topographical Surveys

  • Attachee Mine Surveyor

    at Carslone Enterprises

    July 2009 - December 2009

    Midlands Province

    -Dump Surveys (Areas, Volumes and Tonnages: using T16 Theodolite and Albrit Planimeter). -Slimes Dam Wall Leveling. -Marking of Mining Blocks using T16 Theodolite (Selective mining). -Marking of Blast Holes – Chevron Pattern. -Draughting and Plotting Manually. -Plan updating manually. -Setting of grade box – maintaining of mining benches. -Setting out and Point Location-Triangulation, Resection, Traversing

  • Attachee Mine Surveyor

    at Zimbabwe Minerals

    February 2009 - May 2009

    Midlands Province

    -Determining depth of drill holes. -Beacon inspection. -Plan updating manually and electronically (StopeCAD). -Updating of mining faces on plan after blast. -Dump survey using Total Station (Nikon). -Plotting and Draughting electronically.


  • National Diploma

    at Zimbabwe School of Mines

    2008 - 2011 (3 years) Bulawayo Province