A highly skilled, dynamic, passionate, vastly experienced and extremely adaptable UK qualified Physical Education specialist teacher and member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT); who is accustomed to working under demanding pressure as well as self-initiative.


  • Deputy Principal

    at Hay Al Sharooq International School

    August 2019 - at Present

    Muḩāfaz̧at Masqaţ

    Assist the Principal in developing a school environment that is supportive of learning and promotes physical, emotional, personal and social development as well as intellectual growth. • Improved and provided appropriate learning and curriculum programmes and methods of teaching that meet the needs of all students in the school including strategic timetabling to support them. • Developed and improved the school curriculum and assessment policies. • Introduction of Classroom Monitor in order to develop and implement systems for recording individual students’ progress and ensure that parents are informed regularly of the progress of their child. • Introduced the MOE framework to the whole school contributing to the school self-evaluation and the development of School Improvement Plans (SIP’s). Impact: Commitment to high-quality and continual improvement with the highest standards of professional conduct and cultural sensitivity, together with secure, evidence-based judgements.

  • Vice Principal

    at Newlands School

    December 2018 - August 2019


    Promotion of an ambitious vision is shared with the whole school community including the UAE National and Emirate priorities • Focus on driving the National Agenda Parameter and expectations in order to measure the progress of achievement towards TIMSS & PISA assessment targets • Key Focus on Emirati students to ensure that they are supported, monitored and adequate provision is provided • To improve and develop the Moral Education and Social Studies curriculum • Improve the school environment so that it is supportive of learning and high achievement amongst the students. • Further develop and ensure that the school is fully inclusive developing a shared understanding of and commitment to agreed values of exclusivity • Initiate a clear strategy following the UAE vision 2021 as part of the National agenda • To ensure that students’ attainment has been fully evaluated against the curriculum standards and international benchmarks using the UAE Framework.

  • School Improvement Advisor

    at Education - Dubai

    August 2018 - December 2018


    Acting as a ‘critical professional friend’ to the schools, helping their leadership to evaluate their schools’ performance, identify priorities for improvement and plan effective change. • Discuss and assess a school’s self-evaluation and school improvement plan against available evidence including their KHDA report, and comment on the effectiveness of these. • Provide an objective review of the school’s performance data by considering its most recent national test results, trends over time and data on other student’s achievement and well-being, and analysing the evidence for the school’s improvement. • Discuss the school’s targets and priorities for the coming year, based on the analysis of the data above, to ensure that they are ambitious but realistic and focused on all students fulfilling their potential. • Challenge the school where necessary, particularly on its capacity to improve and whether it is focusing on the most important priorities for improvement and development.

  • Deputy Headteacher

    at Raffles International School

    August 2014 - August 2018


    In collaboration with SLT members formulate the aims and objectives of the school: Establishing clear policies through which they shall be achieved, managing staff and resources to achieve the aims and objectives of the school and monitor progress towards their achievement Support and lead with a clear strategic direction promoting an ambitious vision that is shared by the whole school community: Collaborated as SLT member linked to the National Agenda targets (TIMSS/PISA) so that this is clearly communicated to all staff Support/develop/monitor the quality of teaching and learning: Contribute and monitor whole school strategic priorities linked to the quality of learning and teaching to be consistently ‘Very Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ providing constructive feedback and support Collaborate as SLT member implementing a clear rigorous system of self-evaluation: Includes the analysis and review of progress and attainment

  • Assistant Headteacher

    at Barham Primary School

    August 2010 - July 2014


    * Experience across the age and ability range in KS1/2 * Successful experience of teaching * Experience of teaching within a multi-cultural environment * Experience of teaching children for whom English is an additional language Leadership * Excellent understanding of the principles of effective leadership with regard to staff morale and motivation * Skill and understanding of articulating aims, formulating plans and communicating these to staff in a variety of ways Curriculum * Successful experience of organising and evaluating curriculum development * A sound understanding of the range of special educational needs and the importance of continuity and progression in children's learning * Understanding of role safeguarding children with particular reference to Child Protection * Ability to administer and organise * Ability to provide leadership * Ability to contribute to school objectives * Ability to manage a budget

  • Senior Middle Leader – Head of PE/Extended/Healthy Schools Co-ordinator

    at Sudbury Primary School

    January 2008 - July 2010


    To lead the development of appropriate syllabuses, resources, schemes of work, marking policies, assessment and teaching strategies within the PE department - To ensure that department staff plan effective lessons taking account of personalised learning and differentiate for both SEND and Gifted and Talented students. - To oversee the day-to-day management, control and operation of the PE department. - To manage the monitoring and following up of student progress. - To assist in implementing school policies, for example Equal Opportunities, Health and Safety - To work with colleagues to formulate aims and objectives of the PE curriculum which have coherence and relevance to the needs of students. - To manage the financial budget ensuring value for money within the PE department.

  • Head of Year 7/8 & PE Teacher

    at Capital City Academy, Doyle Gardens, Willesden, London, United Kingdom

    January 2006 - December 2008


    o support all students to make appropriate academic and personal progress as specified by baseline data and other information. - Responsible for all aspects of pupil progress within Year 7 - Lead a team of form tutors - Monitor, assess and develop the roles of the form tutors - Update form tutors of changes to school policy - Ensure that form tutors run their tutor group sessions effectively - Liaise regularly with Subject Leaders to develop learning and student outcomes - Lead target setting process within year group. - Involved in decision making and policy development across the school - Supportive of the professional development of form tutors - Manage student review processes and procedures - Monitor the academic progress of individual students - Make appropriate interventions that enable all students within year group to achieve their full potential.

  • Deputy Head of Year 9-11, Deputy Head of PE (KS4)

    at Gladesmore Community School

    December 2002 - December 2006


    To support and deputise for the Senior Student Progress Leader KS3/4. - To support, lead, manage, motivate & develop year team tutors. - Responsible for the PSHE and Citizenship programme. - To provide tutors with materials, support, guidance and training in the delivery of PSHE and Citizenship - To oversee effective strategies for raising attendance and punctuality in the year group - To set and maintain high standards of behaviour from students by effective role modelling, supporting tutors. - To intervene when issues and incidents arise, including taking the lead with students who are causing concern across the curriculum and liaising with parents, staff, governors and external agencies as appropriate. - To ensure that tutors have an effective programme of tutorial activities, to support them in the delivery of tutorial activities and to monitor and evaluate the programmes - To support tutors in the consistent implementation of whole school policies, rules and procedures

  • PE Teacher/Assessment Co-ordinator of PE (KS3/4). PE teacher for KS3/4 including Edexcel GCSE course

    at Holland Park School

    September 2001 - July 2002


    o be an exemplary teacher, demonstrating effective planning, teaching, organisation and high standards of achievement and behaviour in PE lessons. - To be responsible for the development and on going review of the school’s PE curriculum and assessment procedures - To support the development of the schools PE assessment procedures in liaison with class teachers. - To work effectively to ensure that there is progression across the year groups. - To support the vision, positive ethos and policies of the whole school and raise standards of the teaching, learning and attainment of pupils. - To work with the PE team in achieving the priorities and targets which the school sets for itself in implementing innovative schemes of work. - To support the evaluation of the effectiveness of the school’s policies and developments in PE

  • Physical Education Teacher (NQT)

    at Albany School

    September 1999 - August 2001


    To assist in the development of appropriate syllabuses, resources, schemes of work, marking policies and teaching strategies in the department - To plan, including co-planning, prepare courses and interesting, challenging and motivating lessons - To peer observe lessons in order to continue to improve learning and teaching - Assisted the HoPE, to ensure that the subject area provides a range of teaching which complements the school’s strategic objective to be outstanding - Implemented the school policies - Contributed to the process of monitoring and evaluation of the PE department in line with agreed school procedures, including evaluation against quality standards and performance criteria - Seek, implement and support improvement where required - To take part, as required, in the review, development and management of activities relating to the curriculum, organisation and pastoral functions of the school


  • Masters (Education) - Leadership & Management

    at Middlesex University

    2014 - 2016 (2 years) Dubayy

  • B.Ed (Hons) Physical Education & ICT

    at College St Mark & St John - Plymouth, UK

    1995 - 1999 (4 years) Dubayy


  • English Native