Neurosurgeon and neuromodulator (neuro-coach). Director of NeuroSurge.


  • Developer and facilitator of neuro-coaching program. Neurosurgeon in practice

    at NeuroSurge - neuromodulation

    January 2013 - at Present


    Consultant neurosurgeon in practice for 30 years Co-developer of prosthetic spinal disc implant (Kineflex - 2003); FDA approved Pioneer of applied clinical PNI (1994) Developed a program based on the integration of neuroscience with PNI (NeuroSurge) 1998 Developed Neuro-diagnostic for NeuroSurge program (2006); Online - 2010 Developed online Certification course with electronic auto-coaching template 2015 Developed program for generation of corporate 'big data' indices 2015


  • Fellowship in Neurosurgery

    at College of Medicine of SA

    1986 - at Present (32 years)

  • Certification in NLP

    at Peak Performer - Armand Kruger

    1992 - 1993 (1 year)

Services offered

  • NeuroSurge

    Neurosurgeon in private practice
    Corporate wellness, performance and leadership programs
    Clinical neurocoaching (neuromodulation)
    Online psychometrics
    Training of coaches
    Online certification course
    Generation of 'big data' indices


  • English Native

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