I have wide experience in research and industry including pollutant transformation, water quality assessment, wastewater treatment, municipal sewage treatment and solid wastes management. I'm enthusiastic, well-organised, hard-working, a good team-player, and can work independently as well.


  • Postdoc

    at Stockholm University

    November 2018 - at Present


    I'm working on the catalytic hydrogeneration of CO2 to high-valued chemicals. I have learnt strong skills in project preparation, analysis, complement and report, which will bring benefits to future development. I have nice personality and high collaboration capacity.

  • Visiting researcher

    at Southern University of Science and Technology

    June 2018 - October 2018

    Guangdong Sheng

    I worked on a project about natural water quality assessment and published papers: 1. Huan Li, Jinqin Yang (equal contribution), Bin Ye, et al. Pollution Characteristics and Ecological Risk Assessment of 11 Unheeded Metals in Sediments of the Chinese Xiangjiang River [J]. Environmental geochemistry and health, 2018: 1-14. 2. Jiangchi Fei, Jingjing Ma, Jinqin Yang, et al. Effect of simulated acid rain on stability of arsenic calcium residue in residue field [J]. Environmental geochemistry and health, 2019: 1-12. 3. Dongyi Jiang, Yunyan Wang, Sangyang Zhou, Zhe Long, Qi Liao, Jinqin Yang, Juan Fan, et al. Multivariate analyses and human health assessments of heavy metals for the surface water quality in the Xiangjiang River Basin, China [J]. Environmental toxicology and chemistry, 2019, 38(8): 1645-1657.


  • 5 Day Coding Challenge

    at Code Institute

    2019 - 2019 (1 year)

  • Metallurgy Environmental Engineering

    at Central South University

    2013 - 2018 (5 years) Hunan Sheng

  • Environmental Engineering

    at Central South University

    2009 - 2013 (4 years) Hunan Sheng

Services offered

  • Project management

    I have good experience in the plan, analysis, complement and report on environmental project. I master professional research techniques including materials synthesis and characterization (SEM, TEM, XPS, EDS, XRD, TG-DTA), spectroscopy and chromatography techniques (UV-Vis, FTIR, Raman, AAS, AFS, GC, HPLC), electrochemical analysis techniques, and very professional skills of synchrotron light XAS techniques and quantum chemical calculations.

  • Environmental consultant

    During my undergraduate studies, I worked in two municipal sewage treatment plants and in the waste maganement section of a Chinese smelter plant as an intership student. I have strong experience in water quality assessment, water treatment and solid waste disposal. I'm confident that I can be a good engineer and technician in environment industrial.

  • Office support

    I partly worked in the administration section of my university for 4 years, and I have good habit to handle office work and I'm well-organised, careful and patient.


  • Chinese Native

  • English Conversation

  • Swedish Elementary