• HM/CEO Specialist

    at FEMA

    April 2009 - at Present


    I am reservist of a selected work force, towork helping the Community and survivors in time of disasters.

  • Second Degree Oncology Specialist

    at Ministerio de Salud Publica

    January 1991 - March 1997

    La Habana

    Ward around for admitted cancer patients. President of the Tumor Board for discussing the staging and the treatment for the cancer patients. member of the Tissue Commission to discuss the performing of surgical procedures and biopsies to the cancer patients. Outpatient care for follow up and new patients. In 1989 participation in a training in the National Cancer Institute in Rio de Janeiro. Brasil. In both periods participation in several medical meetings ( congress, symposiums, round table, and presentation in a variety of medical events)

  • Second DegreeOncology Specialist

    at Ministerio de Salud Publica de Cuba

    May 1984 - March 1997

    La Habana

    I left Cuban in 1997 looking for a better possibility of life as medical doctor, and Oncology Specialist. Currently I live in USA, as American Citizen, although I do not have the medical license to practice in this Country, but I have my knowledge very fresh , and I keep update in Oncology, studying, and participating in Medical events (Congress, Symposiums, and given conferences in difference instances), and I have been working helping oncologist in his medical practice. Id necessary i can load my complete Curriculum Vitae.

  • First Degree Oncology Specialist

    at Ministerio de Salud Publica

    May 1984 - November 1991

    La Habana

    Member of the Onco-Urology Service. To do ward around to the admitted patients, Discussion in Tumor Board about staging and treatment of the cancer patients. Outpatient care for follow up and new patients. medical procedures as cystoscopy, lumbar p unction, pleura tap, participation in surgical procedures., section of chemotherapy. Member of the Committee to discuss the medical practices to dismissed patients and to patients who die


  • Oncology Specialist Second Degree

    at National Oncology Institute

    1988 - 1991 (3 years) La Habana

  • Oncology Specialist First Degree

    at National Oncology Institute

    1981 - 1984 (3 years) La Habana

  • Medical Doctor

    at School of Medicine

    1971 - 1977 (6 years) La Habana

Services offered

  • As Oncologist

    I am Oncologist Specialist with experience to treat solid tumors from the urinary tract, genital tract (both sexes), gastrointestinal tract, lymphomas, and other malignant tumors.


  • Spanish Native

  • French Conversation

  • English Conversation

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