I combine NLP and Anthropology based knowledge to empower others to be aware of our origins as Humans and why that matters.
I do this through walking / coaching, work shops ,presentations and Speaking.

Please contact me to discuss fees etc.
I work Nationally throughout the UK .


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    September 2015 - at Present

    Blackburn with Darwen

    Calmeryou is a sounding board for stressed out executives and business owners etc. The opportunity to off load or share dreams and successes. Inspirational /Motivational support . www.calmeryou.co.uk Like the great out doors ? Rambler Whispering involves walking and mentoring. A great way to use grounding as a cathartic off loading. Confidential and unjudged. I am also a Motivational Speaker. I combine NLP with Anthropological based knowledge to explore our origins and how this affects our everyday lives and thought processes. Contact me for more details. Global Skype sessions also available. Dream it=Believe it ! Jordan Sands. Dip. NLP Life Skills Coaching. ASC Accredited.

Services offered

  • Inspiration/Motivational Coach, Business Support.

    Rambler Whispering is the combination of walking and Mentoring. The grounding effects of Nature encourage open discussion and confidential offloading.

    I also provide personal or group sessions on Business support, Motivational and Inspirational Workshops. Individually or any size of group.

    I am very professional and confidential .Together we assess,plain,identify and evaluate issues and build on current strengths.

    Supporting you through the whole process and beyond.

    Every one has a dream to share. I can help you make it happen.

  • Stress/ Anxiety management.

    Work or personal stress related management . Relationship issues. Anxiety related problems. Maintaining a healthy mindset. Clarity pathways and goal setting. Life/ work balance readjustment . Confidence and self esteem building. Leadership skills. Team building. Effective recognition of potential stressors in the work place. Motivation building.

  • Mind set Growth.6 & 12 month Life & Business Coaching Packages.

    My Mindset Growth packages will help you get to where you want to be both in life and business. They include a 2 hour session every week and phone contact if needed. I will support you and your team with an aim to achieve your targets and more.
    We only live about 5000 weeks ! What are you waiting for ?
    07553 868 177.

  • Team Building.

    Team Building Workshops that explore the whole team building ethos.
    Half day ( bite size ) intense workshop or whole day sessions.
    No ' death by power point' from me. All my workshops are interactive and pro active. I aim to get the most out of your team and drive them forward to the next level..

    Contact me for more details.

  • Retreat Weekends/ Weeks.

    I organise retreats in stunning , scenic country side and coastal areas. They always include both Mindset Training and Holistic Physical Sessions such as Rieki, Massage, Aroma Therapy , Art and Music therapy, Yoga etc. .They are all Vegan based and all fees include meals and refreshments.

    All retreats are posted as they are finalised on my web site www.calmeryou.co.uk


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