• Usable privacy and security researcher

    at Karlstad University

    August 2010 - at Present

    Värmlands Län

    Conducting research on usability and user experience aspects of privacy, security and transparency technologies. Teaching undergraduate University courses in the field of Human-Computer Interaction for the Department of Informatics and Computer Science. Managing research projects resulting in functional prototypes and/or academic publications. Contributing to multidisciplinary and multicultural research projects in collaboration with various Universities and companies in Europe, such as the European FP7 Projects PrimeLife and A4Cloud, two Google Research Awards, and a national Swedish project, U-PrIM.

  • UX Researcher Intern

    at Google

    June 2014 - October 2014

    Kanton Zürich

    Following a user-centred design process to explore mechanisms in which Google can provide its users with a straightforward and easy-to-understand help process in case they experience an unfortunate security- or privacy-related incident. Carrying out literature reviews and qualitative user studies to understand users’ mental models and behaviours in these type of incidents. Exemplifying use cases through personas and storyboards. Iteratively designing and evaluating ideas towards feasible solutions on mobile devices with the use of lo-fi sketches and hi-fi interactive mobile wireframes. Disseminating the work through an academic research paper.


  • UX Researcher

    at PriSec

    2010 - 2015 (5 years) Värmlands Län


  • Spanish Native

  • English Negotiation

  • Swedish Negotiation

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