I've graduated in applied mathematic in 2004 and about a decade made some experiences in teaching math and programming languages. Also, I've involved in a vast range of technologies including oil companies in south Iran, transportation, etc., all relevant to computer engineering, especially, DBA.


  • MSc., Computer Architecture Engineering

    at Shahid Beheshti University

    2016 - at Present (4 years)

  • BSc., Applied Mathematics

    at Mazandaran, Campus Fundamental Sciences

    1999 - 2004 (5 years)

Services offered

  • Senior Developer

    I've had lots of experiences in computer programming languages as following,
    1. C/C++ (Pos/ATM Developer in Behpardakht Mellat 2012-2013)
    2. Java (I got the J2SE certificate in 2013 and occupied in South Pars Project during 2005-2011 so that I feel comfortable same as a native language.)
    3. Python (wide range of frameworks say hi to me and I adore them all including Django, Flask, Tkinter, and WSGI, as well as the most important libraries such as data sciences packages like pandas, numpy, sympy, and social network analysis like networkx, and machine learning and deep learning packages)
    4. PHP (I feel comfortable with Laravel)
    5. Ruby on Rails (lovely)
    6. MongoDB, Apache CouchDB, Cassandra (many years, I've been involved in gathering metadata about movies and all my handy's)
    7. RDBMS's (Oracle, Mysql, MS Excel in which I've lived with them about a decade after graduation in South of Iran. Postgres is my preferable database in recent years and feel more comfortable with it)
    8. CI/CD and Test Driven's
    9. Docker and Kubernetes
    10. Package Management such as Gradle, Maven, npm, gem, pip, composer, etc.


  • English Negotiation

  • German Conversation