• SPV

    at Laboratorium Klinik Prodiawidyahusada , Tbk

    April 2007 - at Present

    Provinsi Kepulauan Riau

    I have skill Phlebotomy are taken only once , are painles and fast , I have ECG Skills , I can Evaluate and make slides for work and persentation program , I have the skills to register patients quickly , I am able to handle patient complaints properly and quickly , I am equipped with skill as a HIV counselor, I have good selling skills and product knowledge , I have good team at work , I am an honest and responsible at work , and can use xsis -based computer and program well , I have the skill to install infuse , I have the catheter plug skill , I have the skill to install the nasogastric tube , have been treating stroke parents for 3 years ,I can Put an IV , I have sertificate .


  • Diploma

    at Nurse

    2002 - at Present (18 years) Provinsi Kepulauan Riau